To The Honorable Mitch McConnell, (R), KY

I have just sent the following letter to the most honorable Mitch McConnell.  I have never said any correspondence what I write and convey in this letter.  Anyone who knows me I believe will be very surprised.

Dear Senator McConnell,

Since I was 7 years old and walking precincts with my grandfather I have supported and fought for Republicans ever since.  Over the 51 years since this initiation into politics I have contributed money, time, service, and everything else I have to getting Republicans elected, and keeping them elected.

In 2008 my oldest grandchild 9 year old William walked with me to support John McCain.  We did not win but we went down fighting.

I have never in that span given any support to any Democrat at any time.  I find Democrats to be loathesome creatures who could not be honest even if you held a gun (now I know why they want them banned) to their heads.

Any Republican that votes for the so called “stimulus” package I will give money and volunteer services to anyone who runs against them in a primary.  If they win their primary I will do whatever is necessary to have them defeated in the general election.   I will give money and donate services to any Democrat that runs against them.

To me the stakes are that high.  To me the Republicans holding ranks on this bill, this terrible, terrible bill that will kill any future that my grandchildren their grandchildren have for as far as time stretches.

Any Republican who moves to harm the future of my children and grandchildren shall have me as an opponent for ad infinitum.  In 51 years I never asked anything from the Republican party except that they be Republicans and honest brokers.

I will never say anything such as this again.  This is one vote, however that the Republicans owe me.

I want it repaid.

John F. King

or as my friends call me Jack.