If we want to win we have to be Republicans...

We have some where along the way lost our way as a party and now the country seems to have lost its way.   The Republicans in the House of Representative must cast a NO vote on the Debt bill that comes up tomorrow.

Everyone that has ever followed politics knows the moment a Republican votes for this type of bill it makes it bipartisan and the GOP loses.  This year, this time, this place we need as a party to stand united; and in the house vote no.   Let the Democtats take ownership of this debacle.

There are too many blue dog Democrats surviving in Repbublican districts for any Republican to vote for this piece of trash.  Let the country see that for once we have principles, we have integrity, and w stand for something.  Let the country see that we have regained our senses and the days of Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert are gone and we learned out lessons.

If you want a campaign slogan for this?  The Republicans are voting NO to socialism and YES to America.  Show that we stand for America.  That we stand for stopping socialism.  Vote NO for America.

When they are asked why they voted that way they can paraphrase the famous Phil Grahm line.  They had a choice to vote with Nancy Pelosi or the people in their district.   The chose the people in their district.

Who knows this might, just might, give some backbone to those gutless wonders in the Senate.