I just left a message for Roy Blunt...

I did not watch Late Edition yesterday on CNN. If I want to watch something as dishonest as CNN I will do the SciFi channel at least they have plot structures that makes some sense.

I read the review from the Sunday morning talk shows and then went to some other sites and confirmed Roy Blunt’s “whip me, beat me” comments. That “if an economic stimulus plan made sense he would support it.”That is the last straw. I am not sure if the Republicans are brain dead or just stupid. If the Republicans in congress after the election get together and vote for another $150 to $300 billion economic stimulus to go along with the over $1.2 trillion they have spent this year alone and I will spend the rest of my life working to defeat each and every one of the Republicans that vote for it.

First of all Roy Blunt I hope you heed my words it is my money that you are spending. It is not money that I gave to you willingly it is money that was taken from me. I do not want anymore welfare payments being made to Wall Street, Main Street or to me. Enough is enough.

What has happened to the Republican Party? I have debated and argued with so many people on why you had to do what you did in spending money. No more.

As I told Mr. Blunt after over 40 years of supporting Republicans if they vote for this abomination I will never again support, vote for, contribute to, or donate time or energy for Republicans. I will try to recruit real Republicans to primary this gaggle of losers.

It is time we got back to what made us the majority party and going another $150 to $300 billion in debt is not it.