Jeremiah Wright is off limits?

I am appalled with the conversation that I had today with someone who knows a bit about the inner workings of the McCain campaign. The senior staff has been pushing for almost 2 months to hit Obama with Wright, Ayers, ACORN, Khalifi, and every thing else.

McCain has so far resolutely said no to everything but Ayers. This makes me wonder if he is allowing himself an out. He does not want to do anything that if he loses he will lose his place to be on the good graces of the New York Times, Washington Pose, MSNBC and the like. If he goes after Wright he will not be the liberals favorite curmudgeonly Republican to quote.I also have noticed the body language of Sarah Palin. She is not liking just introducing McCain and then standing there and listening to him. She wants to be on her own and she is dammed good on her own. What is up with that?

Also do you notice how she is answering some of the questions these days. She was asked about Wright and she said very tersely that was up to McCain to talk about. She gave me every sense she wanted to tear into Wright big time.

Why has Palin not gone on O’Reilly? O’Reilly is a jerk but he is fair. He won’t try to embarrass her. He will ask her questions that by now she should know enough about them to give at least a cursory answer. Like him or not he is the highest rated of all of the cable news people.

I am curious to know the exact status of how the two of them are getting along. He is stifling her. Does he not know that a vote for her is a vote for him.

If John McCain is not willing to hit Obama on everything then he will lose. There are no tomorrows. The new FOX polls say that Ayers will effect 31% of the vote about the same with Rasmussen and Zogby. When Wright and everything else is loaded into the equation then the numbers rise significantly.

It will take more then Ayers. Ayers is a great beginning, but McCain has dump it all. He can win but he has to leave it all on the field.