Turn Out The Lights The Party's Over...

In 1992 the Democrats had six major candidates for the Presidential nomination. At the beginning the two front runners were Bob Kerrey Senator from Nebraska and Al Gore the Senator from Tennessee. Bob Kerrey was the first of the big named candidates to bow out of the race. The last man standing in the Democrat primaries was a little known governor from Arkansas.

Kerrey had it all. He was handsome, very articulate, intelligent, independently wealthy (self made), and a former Governor. If he had been elected President he would also have been the first recipient of the Medal Of Honor in our nation’s history to hold the highest office in the land. That Bob Kerrey had great physical courage was never in doubt. In a fistfight behind the bar my money was on Bob Kerrey even if he did use a prosthetic leg.The problem however he was not in a fistfight. He was not in a race where the best resume wins. He was in a bare knuckles political fight and he was out of his league. He did not have the balls to wage that fight.

John McCain is engaged in that same conundrum. He frankly does not appear to me to have the balls for this fight. Does he have physical courage? Yes. Does he have honor? Yes. Does he have political courage? No. Does he want to win above every other consideration? No.

Barack Obama has shown that he has but one ambition, and that is to win the Presidency. He will lie, cheat, steal, abuse, and even toss his grandmother under the bus to be president. Unlike John McCain he will name names. He will fight dirty and often. He will make the most outrageous statements, commit the big lie, whatever it takes.

He relies upon no one catching him and if they do catch him to say they are racists and watch them fall back. This is a guy who barely graduated from Columbia University (2.01 overall GPA), was in the lower percentile of the LSATs, and is the only editor of the Harvard Law Review never to have had one scholarly article or treatise published. He has had two autobiographies published, but not one article or anything else which required a deep intellect.

McCain in the debate last evening refused to say Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. He will not run against the congress. When Barack Obama says the last 8 years have been abysmal the response back is so easy.

In January, 1995, the Republicans took control of the Congress. Under Bill Clinton the Republicans created over 27,000,000 jobs. Under George Bush there was 54 consecutive months of job growth the longest sustained job growth in the history of the country. Also under George Bush the Dow Jones hit the highest points in its history and not only hit it, but sustained it.

In January, 2007, the Democrats took control of the Congress. We now are faced with the worst economic and financial catastrophe in our Nation’s history. We are approaching over 1,000,000 jobs lost. We are approaching 7% unemployment, we are looking at rising inflation. Ladies and gentlemen are you better off now or two years ago? I ask you to connect the dots.

Sarah Palin would have killed Barack Obama by now on these debates. She knows how to go for the throat. John McCain just can’t bring himself to do it.

I have been at this for a long time. There will be a tomorrow after November 4th. In 2012 Barack Obama will finally have a resume to defend. Anyone who believes this economy will recover in 4 years is delusional.

The RNC needs a chairman that will attack Barack Obama 24 hours a day. We need to attack Democrats. We need to identify them as the vile, malicious creatures that they are.

Sarah Palin needs to being on January 2, 2009, to announce a PAC and begin to raise money. Never again can we allow ourselves to be outspent. This fight has just begin.