Can McCain Still Win?

We are running out of time. We are fast running out of time and there is dammed little room for maneuvering. The voters are solidifying their positions.

It was a cute stunt attempting to spin the election so that McCain was the agent of change. It came close to working but then inexplicably the McCain campaign took the only person in the race who is outside of the beltway and placed her under tight wraps.

John McCain needs to live up to his rhetoric. In his stump speech he says, “elect me as President and I will go to Washington and veto spending and name names. I will make the big spenders famous.”

OK make them famous start naming names. Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, the most partisan Speaker of the House in history, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and anyone else you can name. In other words with Congress sitting at 14% approval attack them, and name names.

Senator McCain you have accomplished everything in life that you ever wanted or desired except for one thing, the Presidency. So what if your good friend, Chris Dodd, takes you off his Christmas card list. Of if Barny Frank doesn’t like you, do you really believe you had the old, fat, gay, Democrat vote anyway?

Next people do want to blame someone. They want to blame someone and make sure those people pay for it. McCain needs to come out and demand that Michael Mukasey name a special prosecutor. If you want to beat up on President Bush do it that way. You said that you want these people to do a “perp walk.”

Make this demand going forward. You will not support any rescue effort until a Special Prosecutor is named. If the American taxpayer is going to held at gunpoint then heads need to fall. The Democrats will have to agree with you. What are they going to do say, no? We don’t want those who did this to go unpunished.

Next unleash Sarah Palin and have her go on the attack. That is the role of the Vice Presidential candidate. Fire the morons that are around her. Send them back to the White House so they can continue to do the terrible job with President Bush, and not screw up your campaign further. I understand that Palin and her people including her husband are ready to toss some of those morons out the window.

Do those three things and you will hopefully get back into the race. Continue to allow “your friends” from the congress to get off the hook and enjoy your remaining time as a back bencher in the Senate.