Time To Roll The Dice Again...

If John McCain wants to be the 44th President of the United States he has to grab the headlines the rest of the way. He needs to push Barack Obama into the background.

There is a way to do this and do it in a most subtle and dramtaic manner. At the debate on the 26th John McCain should announce to the world that if elected his choice for Secretary of State would be Joe Lieberman. Lieberman would accept it especially if the Dims keep the Senate his career there is finished.The headline from the debate would become Joe Lieberman to be McCain’s Secretary of State. Anything we do to beat up Barry during the debate would be gravy. Plus it would put Barack Obama on the defensive during the entire debate.

The political line is just too juicy. The first appointment that John McCain would make would be the Standard Bearer for the 2000 Democrat ticket for Vice President.

When Joe Biden or anyone blast Sarah Palin about her lack of foreign policy experience the comeback become so perfect. She has met Senator Lieberman and knows that she can work with him perfectly. They would not be attacking her lack of foreign policy, but Lieberman’s if they wish to take that tract.

The major beauty of this is to drop hints that he will announce his pick for Secretaries of Treasury and Commerce at the next debate. Have the press writing about his choices. It would suck the oxygen out of the Obama campaign.

He would not even have to announce them at the debate, but Obama would be sitting waiting in fear for who he names. It would get under his skin so badly.