Wake Up GOP Or Else....

The first political campaign I worked in was Barry Goldwater in 1964. It was a great campaign and a spectacular defeat. Over the years I worked in 30 campaigns in 11 States. I was there in 1976 when the GOP was broke and was giving serious consideration to closing the doors. They were backed into a corner. Then a bunch of 20 somethings came up with a brilliant TV commercial called “out of gas”. They got rid of everyone and mortgaged the future to run that ad. The ad worked and it stopped the bleeding from Watergate.
I was there when one of the pollsters made their pitch to Ronald and Nancy Reagan and sat amazed as they held hands sitting on the sofa in their living room. To see the love these two had for each other was amazing to even an old cynic such as myself. That amazing man and his wonderful wife I would have done anything for them.I have sat through it all and sometimes the good times and the bad. I was able to help a bit over the years and sometimes the best help I could give was just to stay out of the way of some remarkably gifted people. I do know that in almost all of the cases when we had bad times we brought it on ourselves.

President George W. Bush was right. Let me count the ways that that man has been right. His administration began the country in a recession the unemployment rate was 5.8%. We had a foreign policy like the rope a dope. Our military and embassies were under attack overseas. There were scandals in the stock market due to practically no regulation for 6 years previous.

Then on September 11th the United States was hit harder then any industrialized nation had been hit since WW II. Within 5 days over one trillion dollars was ripped out of our economy. President Bush had a military that had been sacked and pillaged by Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress. For some reason the GOP was more terrified of bad press in regards to funding for Big Bird then seeing 6 combat battalions demobilized.

With less then 90,000 soldiers Tommy Franks was able to do what the Soviets and 300,000 soldiers as well as the British with over 100,000 soldiers were never able to accomplish, conquer Afghanistan.

President Bush prosecuted the thieves on Wall Street and from around the country. He rebuilt the economy the old fashioned way by making stocks have tangible value. How many people are aware that under President Bush the United States had 49 months of continuous job growth. The longest sustained period of employment growth in the history of the country.

Not only was the one trillion dollars replaced in the economy, it was tripled. He invaded Iraq and Tommy Franks with 140,000 men conquered another country. Anyone reading this are you aware that Tommy Franks war plans and the execution of them are now being taught in every military school on this planet.

After making a bad choice when he replaced Tommy Franks President Bush corrected that and named David Petraeus as the new commander. The Iraq war is now won.

All of the Republicans who jumped ship and adandoned the President I have no truck with them. I counseled people for months to be patient. Panic set in and sure enough we were tossed out of Congress (much to Big Bird’s delight I am sure).

How President Bush was treated and is still treated is unreal. I am reminded of a story about Winston Churchill when he was Prime Minister and his party was faced with a crucial vote in the Parliament. During one very heated moment one of his party members got up and walked very pompously over and sat with the opposition. Churchill sat and watched this display and said, “that is the first time I have even seen a rat swim toward a sinking ship.”

I saw Barack Obama’s speech tonight. Charles Krauthammer has always mirrored my thinking in regards to politics. It was a brilliant speech. It was the right speech and we are in for a fight. I do not believe one thing we have to do is stop running from President Bush. The new numbers are out and the economy grew at 3.3%. Unemployment is holding at 5.7%. In Afghanistan and Iraq combined we have had fewer deaths this year then in Chicago.

We have a lot to talk about and do and we need to start now. We can win, but it ain’t going to be easy or pretty.