Sarah Palin for VP If We Want To Win....

This election is for all the marbles. Anyone who thinks differently is either naive or delusional. If the Democrats sweep it all they will pass legislation to tie up conservatives and the GOP for the next 50 years. The media has shown itself to be so in bed with the Democrats that no matter what they do or legislation they pass they will excuse it and never investigate it.It is a good story when the Speaker of the House gives a press conference about energy and then slinks away and gets in an SUV. A bigger story is that every person mentioned as a possible running mate for the One was shown leaving their homes in SUVs and in Joe Biden’s case a large pick up with 4 X 4 in giant letters painted on the side.

Does anyone want to explain to me why anyone needs an SUV in Washington, DC? Or in Biden’s case a 4 X 4 in Wilmington, DE. Why did no one ask him just exactly how many times he has gotten stuck up in Wilmington that he needed a 4 X 4?If the GOP is ever going to regain the majority again we have to stop being the anti woman party. My daughter has asked me on more then one occasion why there are no conservative women who are role models? There are only so many times you can point to Margaret Thatcher before it becomes pedantic.I believe for his own political fortunes and for the GOP the best pick for John McCain is Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska. The rationale for taking her is overwhelming.
She is conservative. She is through and through conservative. When she was informed that the fifth child she was carrying would be born with Downs Syndrome she chose to have the baby. Her personal story when it comes to choice versus life is compelling beyond belief.She is a life member of the NRA with an A+ rating. When the soccer moms go to the mall she goes hunting and fishing.
She was swept into office due to the corruption amongst the GOP in Alaska and she is squeaky clean. She took on her own party and cleaned it up even to the point of having them arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. You want change there it is living the life that the Democrats say they are.She is a former beauty contest winner and came close to being Miss Alaska. She is attractive and articulate. She will also fight. She is fearless. In a debate between her and Biden my money is on her.She would show the world that beautiful, intelligent, articulate, successful women can also be conservative.If the charge about experience comes up she knows more about energy policy and creating jobs then the other three combined. She also has more executive government experience then the other three combined. Being a Senator is not management or executive experience it is talking experience.
Finally the first time the word racism is brought up then the counter is sexism. After the accusations of sexism and misogyny were leveled at the media by the Clinton supporters all you have to do is say see the media is biased against women. After the primary fights the media will be terrified to attack another woman.
If he wants to show the world that he is a maverick then the best choice is Palin.