Why Do We Continue To Call Them The Mainstream Media?

I am perplexed by our continuing to label The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC *(gag cough, sputter), and other media outlets like them the Mainstream Media. Just exactly what about them and their coverage of the world says they are like us.The so called Mainstream Media have lost enough viewership, and readership over the past 25 years to populate a small country. They no longer reflect or represent the thoughts and opinions of the everyday working American. Hell they no longer know how to tell the truth.We need to find some other name for this collection of ideological nonsense that they deem to be the news. It is like , The New York Times, and The Washington Post will actually after much thought and deliberation decide who they endorse for President. I could have written those editorials two years ago. Just left the names blank and said insert Democrat candidate’s name here and insert Republican loser, extreme right wing, a*hole, candidate’s name here.They have lost all objectivity. They have no honor, no ethics. They believe that distorting the news and the headlines is acceptable because they are addressing a higher calling.Mainstream America has turned them off or canceled their subscriptions. We give them credibility by calling them the Mainstream Media. The very name we give them says they speak for that great wash of middle America.
It is time we called a spade a spade. There is nothing mainstream about these publications that put their liberal ideology ahead of truthfulness and integrity. It is time we stopped giving them credibility that they do not deserve.