The End Of Freedom Of Speech

No one has ever accused me of being an alarmist, but I fear what will take place if the Dimocrats take it all in November. Barack Obama on his flight to Germany accosted Major Garrett in why was it that Fox News was always on wherever he went in Iraq and Afghanistan. He alluded that President Bush maybe mandated that only Fox would be shown.They will move to restrict any speech that does not support them. They will pass law after law to restrict our freedoms knowing full well that the courts will overturn them, but the costs of fighting them and the damage that will take place until the Supreme Court finally strikes them down will have been done.They will have full use of the Attorney General and their army of lawyers to fight it. It won’t cost them anything to pursue this. It will be one law, one regulation from the FCC after another. They will not cease.The rest of the media will broadcast sunshine and roses saying how wonderful everything is.I was living in Silicone Valley in California during 1999 and 2000. Literally hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost over that time period. The San Francisco and San Jose newspapers led with headlines every day saying how bright and positive everything was. It was not till George Bush was elected President that front page stories appeared talking about the high unemployment and how the economy was being savaged.I do believe in this election everything is on the line for the future. If the Dimocrats take it all they will move to solidify their power for the next 100 years. It is all about power for them.They know that another Great Depression could hit and the liberal media will report only the good things that are happening. Now all they would have to do is get rid of or tie up and silence any dissenting voices.