Day by Day Cartoon takes a shot at Erick Erickson.


Wow. An ENTIRE CARTOON mocking a man for his comments is so much more classy than a “wow” in a sarcastic remark on Twitter, isn’t it?

I would find this funny, but the hypocrisy that the cartoon writer has shown in that comic is just flat out absurd. He got angry with Erick Erickson for a remark on Twitter and he says it wasn’t very classy, and then published an entire cartoon mocking Erick Erickson in order to prove how classy he, the cartoonist himself, is?

Let me say I am a huge Day by Day Cartoon fan, and I check this cartoon out everyday. Nine days out of ten it’s funny. When it’s focusing on Democrats and their mistakes or policies it’s funny. This wasn’t funny. Day by Day Cartoon is supposed to be a conservative cartoon that pokes fun of Democrats politics and Democrat Policies, not lambastes other Republicans for not liking the cartoonist’s chosen candidate.