Obama endorses Palestinian demands for their own nation.

President Obama is telling Israel that they need to withdraw and pull back to the borders they had in 1967 in order to allow the Palestinians to build their own nation. Israel can’t do that. Those borders, according to the Israelis, cannot be defended. Obama says that Israel is allowed to defend itself and that their right to defend themselves is very important, how kind of him to give people the right to protect themselves from their enemy. Obama says that Hamas would be difficult to reason with because they don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. How about this: you shouldn’t even try and reason with them. They are terrorists. Islamic Extremists. Murderers.

What is wrong with Obama? He continually slights our allies, Britain, and Israel, in order to appease the enemy! I am shocked that Israel even considers itself our ally today. Obama has slighted Israel’s Prime Minister by leaving him hanging at state dinners and events, he has insulted Israel by voicing his sympathy for the Muslim’s that hate Israel, and now he tries to request that Israel withdraw? And that Israel negotiate with terrorists? Or people who have supported terrorists? That is beyond disgusting, beyond appalling, it is sick of Obama to even suggest this.

I can only pray that at the end of all this, Israel is still our ally. Obama has slighted them before and he is being insulting now. Our most steadfast ally in the Middle East may not be our ally for long, although I hope that the people of Israel can forgive our fool of a president this latest slight.


Articles over at Fox News that I received this information from.