Disabled Woman attacked at Town Hall.

Some or most of you have seen this before, since I did not find it on Redstate I found it over on Inflation. So here it is.

Kimberly King, A disabled woman with a spinal cord injury went to the Town Hall in Alhambra on the 11th, she was right in front of the barricade where Congressmen Adam Schiff was speaking. After a while she needed to use the restroom, and stood up using her walker for aid and then went to the restroom, her husband remained behind. When she returned a group of Obamacare women where in front of her seat, her husband asked them to let his wife sit back down, they ignored him, they told the disabled Kimberly to go and sit with all of the other disabled people. Kimberly was having  difficulty standing anymore due to her spinal cord and told them that she needed to gett to her chair right then, they would not move for her. Her husband screamed at the woman to get out of Kimberly’s way, she refused saying that she didn’t have to go anywhere. Kimberly couldn’t stand anymore and shoved one woman aside with her walker and tried to get into her seat, the woman stomped on Kimberly;s foot, causing her to scream in pain and collapse to the floor. The woman laughed at Kimberly and began mocking her by saying that Kimberly was faking it. Kimberly, crying now said and I quote from the article: “You want everyone taken care of, and you’re so concerned about other’s well being, but you were more than happy to let me fall on the concrete and than step on me.” The group of woman surrounded Kimberly, tried to stare her down and attempted to knock her sign off of her walker. The Police did nothing.

Nice People eh?

The full article on Inflation.


Kimberly’s husband speaks to a reported at a anti healthcare rally.