Local Political Action.

Ok, anybody who has ever tried to convince a Obama supporter to listen to Republican viewpoints knows that it is darn near impossible to do, so you can go head-on, and keep trying, or you can be clever about it,  you might have a job you have to do all day, you could be too busy to give your all to this, so here are a few easy things to do to try and get people on the right track. Say your jogging, and someone jogs up next to you and begans to chat, the weather, the local news and ETC, then they get on to politics, be careful, they may just be trying to make small talk, but they are also trying to find out where you stand on such things.

Tread carefully, make it sound like you are a casual Republican or an independent, Democrats have brainwashed people so much that most young Democrats, if they found out you are Republican, will scream and pull out an Obama sticker and wave it like a cross at you, you evil Vampire… errr I mean Republican. Anyway, talk casually about such things, if they are interested in your viewpoint, and you don’t have time to relate it to them, suggest they go to soft-Republcain sites, or moderate sites like FOX news, if they are very interested, tell them to go onto youtube and look up Machosauceproduction or Pajamasmedia, both are mostly Republican, and both can make a point with humor. You see, if someone is funny, and tasteful in there jokes, then even if they don’t agree with PJTV or Machosauce, they will remember there jokes, the fact that those people made them laugh, Bill Cosby is a good example of this. He makes points with humor and intelligance and alomst everybody listens to him

This is also useful for getting friends and neighbors who are independents interested in Republicans.

These are useful for a Republican who does not have the time to try and break through the massive amount of crap the Democrats pound into peoples skulls, as they are very light attempts at coaxing someone onto the right path, its almost tricking someone into looking up Republican stuff, but, unlike, Democrats, its not indoctrination.