Why Palin was the right choice.

McCain’s choice of running mate Sarah Palin was a teriffic choice since she brings to the ticket a rounding of the rough edges of John McCain and motivation to the Republican Party’s Conservative Base.
Palin has brought energy to a monatone campaign for the Republicans and was that shot in the arm necessary to bring out the conservative base of the party. The conservative base of the Republican party is by and large one of the single most reasons George W. Bush has been able to serve us as President for just under eight years.

With the choice of Palin, John McCain has been able to tap into this deep pool of the Republican party base and will now begin to see how much influence this portion of the party can have for him leading up to Novemeber’s election day. I am proud to say that I am a portion of this now tapped conservative base of the Republican party and look forward to putting the McCain/Palin team into the White House.

The McCain/Palin team are the team to beat in November, with McCain’s rough edges smoothed over by Palin we will now see the Republican Party’s Conservative Base rally behind him to carry him into the White House

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