Damn Newt!!!!

You are making it impossible for me to NOT reconsider voting for you in the republican primary. Initially, my opinion was that there was no chance that you win the Republican primary. But lately you appear to be the only one that I have confidence in and dadgummit, I now have to reconsider voting for you. Your performance in the debate last night in Michigan was magnificent! When you put that liberal woman moderator Maria Bartiromo in her place, I jumped off of my couch just like I did when my favorite college football team (Florida Gators) won their national championships. I’m still giddy about it.

That being said, I have to get by a few dumb things you have done over the years. Number one, that stupid commercial with Nancy Pelosi regarding Global Warming. You have answered that for me. Luckily I had the opportunity to meet you in Las Vegas and asked you, “What the hell where you thinking?” You very humbly answered; I wasn’t and further stated that it was one of the biggest mistakes I have made. I accept that and appreciate your honesty.

Second, I had some concern about your stance on the Second Amendment. Once again, I was able to ask you your position on the Second Amendment; you stated “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. PERIOD.” Then you said again and emphasized “AND SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Nothing to debate there.” Another concern answered. That fully supports my position too.

Three, your position on the healthcare mandate. You said you have decided upon further review that a mandate on healthcare is not a good idea and Obamacare should definitely be repealed. Once again, I am satisfied with that answer.

Four, how you answer the questions that will be raised about your ex-wife will be interesting to me but not a deal killer, as I have two ex-wives myself. I myself have matured and grown enormously since that time as I’m sure you have. You say that you have reconciled with God and I accept that. Nobody is perfect and I won’t hold that against you.

When the Republican Primary process started, I watched and waited to see which candidate would stand out and this is my observation so far.

Let’s start with Mitt Romney. To me he is just a slightly better than Obama. Way too liberal for me. With Mitt, the car is still going to go over the cliff, just not as fast as it will with Obama. He is just as bad as or worse than McCain. So, I only vote for him if he is the last man standing and is the Republican nominee.

When Rick Perry announced, I was really excited and jumped on his train. Unfortunately, he astonishingly fell off of his own train going 100 MPH. Not saying I can’t get behind him again, but a lot of things will have to come together.

Herman Cain. I like him a lot but there is the one “9” in his 999 plan that keeps me from supporting him. The national sales tax is a deal killer for me.

Michelle Bachman. I really like her a lot. There is almost nothing that she says that I disagree with. I can’t understand why her poll numbers are so low. She is a really good conservative.

Rick Santorum, same as Michelle Bachman. The only difference is, he seems upset that the voters are not taking him more seriously and that may turn some people off. But he also is a really good conservative.

Ron Paul. I agree with about 90% of his positions. I am just not quite the isolationist he is. I would definitely support him if he were the nominee.

Jon Huntsman. He worked for Obama and said Obama is a “Remarkable Leader”. Anybody that even remotely thinks that, gets NO consideration from me.

So, what am I to do? Right now I would say Newt is in the lead for me. What say You?

Jim Marchant
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