Crist, Rubio Spar at Local GOP Fundraiser

Crist, Rubio Spar at Local GOP fundraiser

This is from my hometown. I am a Rubio supporter. We need to publicize more and more of this kind of news coverage. The more people in Florida learn about Rubio, the better chance we have to defeat the RINOs and then the Marxist Democrats.

Crist is a loser McCain Republican. He is supported by all of the democrat-lite Republicans in our party. It’s time we purge these spineless cowards out of our party for good.


My favorite Rubio Quotes:

“It’s very simple: We already have a Democratic Party in America,” he said. “We do not need two Democratic parties in America.”

“We know that government spending does not stimulate our economy, especially money that is borrowed and printed,” he said.

Crist actually defended his position on taking the stimulus money.

Crist also said that every Republican Governor in America took the stimulus money. Is that true? I thought some Republican Governors rejected it.

It’s time for the next Reagan Revolution!!! Bring it on Baby!!!