Lessons From the Election

Weeks after the election, I am still absorbing the many things I learned about my country, and quite honestly I am terrified of the future. I am a baby boomer that grew up being taught, both at home and at school, that this was the greatest country in the world. Now I wonder if all that I was taught and believed in, is nothing more than a myth.On the positive side, the election of Barak Obama will finally put to bed the long-standing belief that this is a racist country. Mr. Obama received the majority of the vote in almost every demographic group. On the negative side, there are many things I learned that lead me to fear for the future of our republic.

I learned that a group known as ACORN, which is funded by both private and government interests, is allowed to infiltrate “swing states”, register hundreds of thousands of suspect voters and more importantly, go unpunished. Additionally, millions of dollars have been spent to actively campaign and elect liberal Secretaries of State in these same swing states so that democrats receive the “benefit of doubt” in close elections. I learned that the school system, which is supposed to teach our children the history of this great nation and the basics of civics, is so inept that most young adults don’t understand what a democracy or republic truly is. How else do you explain that when terms such as “redistribution of wealth” or socialism were brought up, our youth had no idea what that meant or why it should matter to them. I learned that our Congress can get away with destroying our economy based on a sub-prime mortgage scheme, and no one is held accountable. Actually, what I have really learned is that IF a republican had been responsible for this mess they would be on their way to jail, but when democrats are to blame, no one seems to care. Three years ago, several Republicans (including our much ridiculed President), WARNED Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and others of the devastating affects of not addressing the problems surrounding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and yet they did nothing. These people should be in jail, and yet some of the very ones who orchestrated this mess were re-elected. Most disappointing, I learned that the media – the very ones that are supposed to objectively report the FACTS – not only have not done their jobs in educating people to the problems we are facing, but have served as public relations hacks for the candidate(s) they want to get elected. The bias was so atrocious that I will never trust in what they say again. I learned (on my own), that we have elected a man that we know nothing about. His birth records were sealed, his educational records were sealed, he insured his first Illinois election by having his opponents kicked off the ballot. This man collected millions of untraceable campaign dollars, much of which we suspect is from foreign sources and against FEC regulations, and yet no one seems concerned at what is expected for this payment. Mr. Obama has no record to speak of, and has spent more time running for office than actually serving in office. He was elected because the media did not do their jobs by asking this candidate tough questions, and make him explain just how he is going to “change” this country. Where is the investigative journalism that is supposed to uncover the nasty, sordid and incestuous corruption that is destroying this country? I am saddened by fellow Americans who no longer seem to care about this great country, and instead eagerly point out its flaws and tear it to shreds by trying to destroy every tradition we hold dear. I am frustrated at knowing that the people who exercised what little rights they have left, and voted against a proposition to change the definition of marriage, will once again (in the state of California) have an activist court step in to overturn their vote. I am stunned that we are witnessing the attempted theft of at least one senate race, and no one is doing anything. I am disappointed that we allow special interest groups, Hollywood activists and big dollar donations from angry, bitter millionaires like George Soros to dictate the candidates and issues that he deems important, and thereby chip away at the voice of the majority of Americans.
Above all, I am mad as hell that our government is bailing out banks, insurance companies, auto makers, and states with MY tax dollars, and we sit back and take this abuse without lifting a single finger to stop it. This is my hard-earned money, and these billions of dollars in loans are being handed out like candy without any concern as to where this money is coming from. We are leaving our children trillions of dollars in accumulated debt and no one seems to care. Abraham Lincoln noted that our nation would never be destroyed from the outside. He did, however, feel that it could be destroyed from within. It has been just over seven years since our nation was attacked by a group of anti-American terrorists that attempted to bring us to our knees. We joined together and for a brief moment became THE United States again. However, I fear that we have forgotten the lessons of our not too distant past, and as Lincoln predicted, we are on the verge of breaking apart from within.