The Coal States Apparently Weren't Listening

Where, oh where is John Gault?

The last time I remember being this depressed about an election was in 1976. I was one month shy of voting age, and sat in horror as I watched Jimmy Carter become president. I remember thinking then that he would be a HORRIBLE president, and I was correct.

As I sit here tonight, I am once again depressed, and feel that Obama will be a disaster. Although there are many reasons why the Republicans lost this election, and I’m sure the errors will be dissected for many months to come, I can’t help but feel that one of the main reasons we are where we today is because of the shoddy education system that this country provides its youth.

Today, American history is taught ONLY in eighth and tenth grades, and so much of it is devoted to the early discoveries, etc, that kids are clueless as to the actual meat and potatoes of our storied past. In fact, in my daughter’s eighth grade class her teacher spent every day telling them that George Bush is evil. Kids brush over the Revolutionary War, are not taught about the Civil War, and they have no clue as to what or why there was a World War I or World War II. Therefore they have no idea WHAT freedom actually means, and could care less that so many valiant soldiers fought for the freedoms they now enjoy. As we all know, now, if you don’t know your history, then you are doomed to repeat it.

Over the past few months as I try talking to starry-eyed Obama lovers, they have no idea what he stands for other than “change”. When I try to explain that socialism is a bad idea, and has never worked, they have no idea what I am talking about. In their exact words, they feel that capitalism is what is wrong with this country, and the government should take care of them. When I try to explain that I am very worried about a candidate who openly discusses creating a Civilian Military that is as large and well-funded as our current military, they have no idea that a certain German dictator came into power spouting much of the same rhetoric that dear Obama spouts today. And, more disturbing to me, when I ask my Jewish friends how any Jew could possibly vote for a candidate that has shown no allegiance or care for Israel, they don’t seem to know what Iran has planned for them.

What I also find amazing about this election is that so many of the wealthy liberals who supported Obama either don’t know that he is about to tax them into oblivion, or the Paris Hilton’s and Hollywood startlets that are enamored with him have enough that it doesn’t matter. (Just take a look at his breathtaking $650 million in campaign donations). Obama has promised the lower classes all kinds of goodies that we can’t afford. So where does that leave the middle class? Where does that leave all of the entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses and go-getters who make this country run?

I am honestly astounded that a candidate who has clearly stated that he would bankrupt an entire industry in order to meet the bogus needs of enviromental idiots, would be swept into office by the very states who will suffer the most. I am shocked that the clueless middle class voters who pulled the lever for Obama today actually believe that they are going to get a tax break from him, when history shows that he has never met a tax he didn’t like. When I explain that the Bush tax cuts will expire in 2010, and there will be an automatic increase in taxes, they don’t seem to get it.

Our country spends more on educating our kids than any country in the world, and yet our kids are clueless to its history and the enormous damage that can be done by a president and congress that make its people dependent on them. Unfortunately, by the time they figure it out, many good people and businesses will go under due to their ignorance of history.