Romney must pledge his very Life on repeal of O'Care

Nothing short of a blood oath to the conservatives will suffice at this point: Mitt Romney must be prepared to fight, kill and die to repeal ObamaCare. His poor choices of advisers, mealy-mouthed attacks on O’Care, and weasel-worded self-defense of RomneyCare make it clear he is only slightly inclined to repeal the greatest threat to the nation in 100 years.

Mike Leavitt must go. Not just resign and leave the campaign. He must be publicly spit upon, covered in horse-feces and dragged naked through the streets of D.C. Seriously, people, don’t you understand how much we hate ObamaCare or anything like it? Especially if Mr. Leavitt’s making a living on our backs while lying to our faces.

Mitt apparently doesn’t understand how close to a true revolt this nation is. People’s McNugget’s have been threatened. Their Big Gulps coerced. We clearly understand that all our political leaders are incompetent boobs who got where they are by charm, blackmail or the mad plottings of Mitch Daniels (the secret Bilderberger). Knowing this, we feel it will be no great loss if we occasionally hang a few of these nitwits to keep the rest in line.

Anyone know an American city that can still manufacture gallows and guillotines?