Is it time to beat the crap out of Congress?

AK Rep Don Young (R) got into a verbal tussle with a historian witness named Brinkley at a congressional hearing over the ANWR and drilling, etc, ad infinitum. The actual content of the “shut up” “no, you shut up” event is irrelevant.

What matters is the fact that I really wanted to see Brinkley climb across the tables and up the dais and beat the holy crap out of Young. Or any member he could reach.

I have reached the point where Congress, and government in general, is so loathed, so mistrusted, that I wonder if a good, old-fashioned, John Wayne western beat down is the only thing that will satisfy my emotional needs. Why do I feel that way? Why is it even a thought that isn’t greeted with aghast faces and prompt calls to the Secret Service or Capitol Police?

The why is really simple: Anyone NOT in Congress can come up with 50 ways to get ourselves out of our current economic and international funk, and any idea that would pass the straight-face test is better than our government has produced in a decade. This is not just a sign that any committee is dumber than its dumbest member, but a further sign that there is NO LEADERSHIP in our government.

It wasn’t the beatdowns that John Wayne gave that we loved. It was the sense that something was being done. Action was being taken. Problems were being solved. Dominance was being asserted and the cowpokes were learning who they were going to follow into battle or on the long trail.

That’s what we need in our government. A right and righteous leader who won’t mistake mealy-mouthed press releases for true leadership. Or mistake a silly congressional hearing for an important event in anyone’s lives.

I don’t agree with the envirowhackos on ANWR and have no idea what Brinkley’s testimony was, but if you didn’t get a little thrill at someone belittling a congressman, you are not American. You are just a partisan.