Michelle Malkin is WRONG

Just watched Michelle Malkin on Glenn Beck’s FNC show. And boy is she wrong about how the American people feel about politicians.

Malkin tried to link the radicalism, anarchy and bullying of the wacky left to the bad opinions Americans have about politicians. Democratic politicians, in her way of thinking.

I beg to differ. Sure, she is right insofar as she went, but she is wrong to leave out the Republicans.

Michelle, Americans have had it up to here (holds up hand two feet above head) with ALL politicians. We know they are all thieves, liars, thugs, whores, bastards, and untrustworthy in the extreme.

I will admit there may be half a dozen worthwhile polticians, but they are guilty for NOT taking firm action against the rest of them. Standing around while your gang kills someone makes you guilty. Standing by and letting your party sell us all out makes them just as guilty.

Stop trying to shield the Republicans, Michelle. Kick a few of them under the bus. Come on. It feels great to realize that the people have the power to TAKE the Republican party away from the scumbags who run it now.