Again, even the Republicans are missing the message

The American people do not trust you, either.

Until Republicans prove they can fight off the special interests and stop the wild spending, they are as untrusted by the masses as the Dems. So many Redstaters apparently think that the thing which is bad for the Dems is, de facto, good for Republicans. Sure, we may get elected in droves in 2010, but if we can’t keep the public’s money in the public’s hands, they will just kick us out on the heels of some Republican scandal.

Congress has had pitiful approval ratings for a very long time. This is because the body as a whole deserves it, including Republicans. I want statesmen and stateswomen, not hacks and favor-traders.

I want lobbyists and Congress critters to be forced to open all their financial books, and those of close relatives who make any business deals with the government. I bet that’ll scare some folks.

My Country First.