What all the Pols are missing

What the left (and right) is missing is the germ of WHY people are coming to town halls.

They think we are scared by rumors or misunderstanding. We are not scared. More of US have read the bill(s) and their assorted proposed amendments than members of Congress or their staffs or the wacky bunch of lobbyists who wrote most of it.

What we are is angry and insulted.

We are angry and insulted because the beltway crowd (figuratively and literally) thinks we don’t know the game and how it is played. We have known, since the birth of Progressive American politics, that the politicians are mostly thieves bent on lining the pockets of whomever can line their own pockets on the sly or after retirement or whatever. We have known that a large percentage of the money we pay in taxes is used to buy off people or blackmail them into submission. We know the “Chicago” way. It has been around much longer than Chicago.

We know the game. When you KNEW we knew the game, you didn’t play it as much. That you are brazenly trying to con us only shows your stupidity, dear Political Class. We don’t have to play the game to destroy you utterly. Our founding documents give us permission – NO – demand we exorcise pathos such as you from our nation.

We are angry and insulted because we thought we had a deal with you pols: We’ll pay a certain amount of taxes so you can have your little power games and whores and make yourselves feel like you are something special, and in return, you will leave us the hell alone. But enough is never enough for those who live in an echo chamber filled with their own PR agents. Fine. We can revoke the Income Tax and take our money elsewhere without a single law being passed. It’s called emigration. Keep the slovenly and the unproductive. See how well they can finance new jets and tropical trips.

The last 12 months or so of growing goverment, growing spending, bailouts for Goldman-Sachs (and almost NO one else- or do you think we can’t smell, too?), and the proposed eventual takeover of the healthcare system (in a decade or two, according to O’s own video records), means that you will come calling in the not-to-distant future for almost ALL our property just to keep up your interest payments. What if we simply refuse to pay or simply refuse to work to earn your pay?

We are insulted and angry because you all broke the only covenant worth keeping. And breaking that covenant entitles us to remove you all from power.