Destroy the Meme

I’m sick of hearing how the President “inherited” a bad situation.

An inheritance is usually something over which someone has no control, sometimes even something unexpected.ff  Barack Obama knew what he was getting when he ran for President.  If anything, he adopted the bad situation.

I liken his “predicament” to the following analogy:

Suppose you were in the market for a house.  You find a house that is perfect for your needs, but it has a problem…LOTS of problems, actually: the plumbing is bad, the walls are peeling, the wiring needs replacing, the appliances are all shot, and the yard is in a sorry state.  You buy the house anyway, vowing to make the necessary repairs.  Later, you have the house appraised, and it is valued at a FAR less amount than you paid for it.

Our President seems to think a productive (or, acceptable) response would be to blame the previous homeowner, to say that the bad plumbing, paint, electricity, and wiring are not his fault, that the house was like that when he bought it, and that he shouldn’t be blamed for their current disrepair.

In reality, however, you bought the house.  It’s now your responsibility.  You have to fix the plumbing, you have to paint the walls, you have to fix the wiring, you have to replace the appliances, and you have to repair the yard.

If you didn’t want to do all that (or couldn’t), you shouldn’t have bought the house.