Really?? We are allowing a mosque on ground zero.

Do you think that the greatest generation of American’s would have allowed the Imperial Japanese to build a shrine at Pearl Harbor less than 10 years after the attack? It pushes me to ask the question, where is our spine?  Has political correctness become more important than the preservation of our great country?  How can New Yorkers, of all people, let this stand?  Not only did the NYC board approve the building of the mosque and victory tower, they approved it by a vote of 29-1.  I hate to say this but the voters in New York should be ashamed of themselves for electing these people to represent them because they clearly do not, or do they? 
I believe in religious freedom but why is it that Christianity seems to be the only religion censored? Where is the civility? Why would any Muslims want to rub every American’s nose in the falling of the Twin Towers by radical Muslims by building a mosque on the bodies of the fallen?
A couple of years ago, Michelle Obama said that the first time she was proud of her country was when her husband was nominated for President.  Well, Mrs. Obama, this is the first time, in my life, that I have been embarrassed by my country.  Let me correct that statement, I am not embarrassed by my country, only by the man leading it and those who believe as he does.  Heaven forbid we offend a group of people that refuse to stand for themselves and speak against those who bastardize their religion or do they all believe the same as those who brought the towers down? 
The man sitting in the Oval office has done more to bring this country down than any President in our glorious history and now this.  Where is the media?  Where is the outrage?  Where are those who would defend our way of life?  Why is it that we would sacrifice all of our history and all the past has taught us and take the direction that we are taking?  This is just another example of the pussification of America running amok.  If Muslims want peace and for us all to get along why are they standing in silence? 
Enough is enough, we are Americans it is time that we start acting like it.