Where are all of the moderate Muslims?

When you look at the current War on Terror, I mean, our Overseas Contingency Plan, you have to wonder what side people are on.  Political correctness has run wild in America and is leading people to fall all over themselves in an attempt to tell the Muslim world that we are not at war with them. 

This is not a new phenomenon; it has been repeated over and over since the day the towers were knocked down and unless you live in a cave with no contact with the outside world, you already know that we are not peaceful Islam’s enemy and are only after those who wish to do us harm.  If you still think that we are going after all of Islam then you are oblivious to our actions and will never see who our true enemy is, Radical Islamic Terrorists. 


Since when has not offending someone become the standard in which we conduct war?  I am not saying that we should take the path of FDR in World War II and arrest all Muslims and put them in detention camps but where are the moderate Muslims standing in solidarity with the American people who actually believe in their freedom of religion and are willing to fight and die to protect it?  Is silence not acquiescence?

We are told that we have to take the moral high ground and show to the world that we are a better civilization because we are civil, yet we stand by and let those who wish us harm to beat us over the head with our own civility. 


When you think of the reporting over the last ten years, how many times have you read or watched a news story recounting the brave Muslim cleric or the brave Muslim citizen decrying the act of strapping a bomb to a kid and sending them into a crowded market place?  Not very often.  Every now and again we will get a token story but where is the massive movement of peace loving Muslims raging against those that are bastardizing their religion?

It is time to start holding everyone to account.  I believe in President Bush’s words, “You are either with us or against us.” It is that simple, yet we try and complicate it in shades of grey. 


It is time to get the large Muslim population in America to declare and choose a side.  You are either with the advancement of freedom and prosperity across the globe or you are with the cowards that will strap a bomb to a child and send them, and as many innocent bystanders as possible, to their deaths.

War is brutal, that fact will never change, and trying to fight with pillows will never work.  How do you win? You have to be willing to do what your opponent will not and that is making the moderate Muslims declare themselves to either be with us or against us.  Political correctness will never win this war, breaking the jihadist backs with the power of massive Muslim support will.  Whether we acknowledge it or not Islamic Extremist have been at war with us for thirty years, it is time for everyone, Muslims included, to choose a side and declare your intentions, our soldiers and freedom deserve nothing less.     

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