Then and Now... Inflation

Nov 9, 2010 : CBS – “Palin’s Stupid warning on coming inflation” (Multiple Stories)
and NOW:
Jan 15, 2011 : CBS – “Nowhere to Hide” from Rising Food Price, Expert to Pay More for Meat, Many Fruits, Veggies, Restaurant Offerings

Don’t look now, but inflation is expected to hit food hard this year.

Jan, 13 2011 : CBS – Higher Commodity Prices May Spur Inflation

Rising wholesale prices for food and energy are putting pressure on manufacturers and retailers to pass higher costs to customers. It’s a trend that could raise inflation in the United States and slow economies in Asia and Latin America.

U.S. gas prices have topped $3 a gallon, and grain prices have reached a 2ýý-year high.

Airlines, clothing manufacturers and some grocery stores have already raised retail prices. And even those companies that have resisted increases because they worry that customers can’t afford them may be more reluctant to hire because of the squeeze.
2010 Crude Goods/Raw Materials – Up 15%+
2010 Intermediate Goods – Up 6.5%
2010 Overall Energy Costs – Up 13.0%

Soaring food prices cast shadow over trading

Some agricultural commodity prices hit their highest levels for 30 months while Brent crude oil climbed to within a whisker of $100 a barrel and copper stayed near a record high