Redistribution of Blame

I think it is time to socialize the political blame game. 

For the last two years the liberals, socialists, democrats and the main stream media have beat the drums incessantly regarding everything being Bush’s fault. It would seem that the “Blame Bush” mantra hasn’t been receiving as much traction lately from my own perspective as well as here, though many of the normal culprits would like to double-down.

As the November election rapidly approaches, it is time to redistribute the “Wealth of Blame” to some that are ever so deserving but have not enjoyed in the sharing of this wealth. We must work to right this injustice.  (Plus, I’m just tired of yelling at my TV or computer screen everytime someone “Blames Bush” or states “We inherited it from Bush” while a Republican pundit, office-holder, commentator, sits idly by looking around and when does speak does not redistribute the blame.)

In November 2010, we are trying to retake Congress, not the Presidency, or at least win as many new seats as possible. The year 2010 starts the 4th year of the Pelosi/Reid regime and a regime change is warranted. Everytime some idiot says, “it is Bush’s fault”, they (and the public) should be reminded that Pelosi/Reid are entering their 4th year of rule and the poor results of their first three years make the 2001-2006 Bush years and Republican Congress look stellar in comparison.

It is time to appropriately redistribute the wealth of blame and force Pelosi/Reid and the Democratic majority to share in the spending, deficits, financial failures, and general economic conditions since for 2007 onward. As November approaches, are voters better off with Pelosi/Reid in charge than 4 years ago.