Facing the Truth about Islam

It is long past time that we dispel the notion that Islam is compatible with Western Civilization. Oh some will still argue that it is only a fringe element, not representative of the Muslim religion that is causing all of this death and destruction. Others still will look inward and seek to lame blame on Western Societies for foreign interventions that destabilized the Middle East or Islamophobia that hinders integration of poor blameless Muslims into Western nations – marginalizing them and driving them to desperate acts.

All such people are fools. If they hold elected office they need to be promptly removed. If the hold positions in the media they need to be fired. The very fate of civilization hangs in the balance.

Take a close look at the Islamic World – at every nation that proudly calls itself an Islamic Republic. If you are a Muslim and decide you don’t want to be one anymore – sorry, death for you and most likely by the hands of your own family members. If you are a woman and want rights equal to a man – sorry, according to Islam you are little more than property for a man to do with as he pleases. Homosexual? Death. Trans-anything? Death. Christian or any other religion? Pay a tax and live as a second-class citizen or death. Are you getting the picture?

Those who advocate Muslim immigration speak of the benefits Muslims can bring to our society. But sadly, any true benefits Muslims may bring are offset by the terrible destruction to liberty they inevitable bring with them. Once Islam gains ascendency the oppressiveness and intolerance of Sharia Law reigns and freedom and liberty (and life for many) ends. And make no mistake – ascendancy, not assimilation is always the goal where Islam is concerned.

Let me lay it out for you. Polite, educated Muslims enter a Western Society in small numbers, typically as students who are allowed to stay on after their education. They become good citizens and neighbors, making a good impression so as to pave the way for expanded Muslim immigration into a nation. Most are probably sincere and good people. But at some point activists rise up in the Muslim community. They seek to gain political power disproportionate to their population. They are aided in their efforts by money flowing in from oil-rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia.

As the Muslim population grows it begins to separate itself off from the host society, both physically and culturally. While in some ways this is not unlike previous waves of immigration that saw migrant pockets within cities like “Little Italy” or “Chinatown”, there is a stark difference because Islam is not just a religion or a culture. It is also a political system.

The failure of those in the West to recognize Islam as an overarching political system wrapped in religious trappings is at the heart of the danger facing the civilized world. By refusing to recognize the political aspirations of Islam, Western leaders have left their societies wide-open for conquest.

Because what happens next is that Muslims begin to use the apparatuses of government and education to exponentially increase their power. Ask yourself, why on earth are kids in Tennessee, Georgia and Wisconsin (just to name a few places) having to learn the Five Pillars of Islam? Why did a community in Texas have to pass (narrowly) an ordinance banning Sharia Law?

Eventually Muslim communities do acquire enough of a hold on a geographical area to implement Sharia Law. Look at the various “no-go” zones in European cities. These are not culturally diverse neighborhoods. These are colonies – beachheads for the expansion of the Islamic Caliphate.

The willful choice such communities make not to integrate creates tension with the native society. Muslim leaders rise up in the community to exploit and perpetuate this tension. Soon the mosques in these communities are turning out angry young men eager to wage jihad on neighboring communities.

Does this sound too harsh to you? Does it sound like some wacky conspiracy theory? This is exactly what has happened in Europe and what is about to happen in America. It is what Muhammad himself did when he first launched this military campaign disguised as a religion.

That is what Islam really is – a military campaign disguised as a religion intended to establish a political system whereby to rule over as many people and as much territory as possible. Aggression is interwoven into the fabric of Islam. It is not a reaction to offenses against Muslims.

Muslims were conquering territory long before any Pope called for a Crusade. Indeed the Crusades came in response to Muslim aggression. Muslims were invading Europe and attacking American merchant ships (i.e. the Barbary pirates) long before anyone even contemplated granting statehood to Israel. Muslims were taking Americans and Europeans hostage and engaging in terrorism before anyone ever coined the phrase Islamophobia or had cause to use it.

All of us grew up in a world that did not reflect the true nature of the antagonism between Islam and Western Civilization (until now, that is). This is not by accident. After the fall of the Muslim Ottoman Empire in World War I, the European powers carved up the Middle East in such a way so as to make it difficult for an Islamic Empire to revive. They propped up secular dictators to keep the religious fervor of the masses tamped down. It is no coincidence that the fall of dictators in Iraq and Libya and the weakening of another in Syria have brought about the rise of a modern Caliphate.

What we are seeing now is Islam in its purest, historic form. The myth of “peaceful Islam” that we thought we were experiencing from the end of World War I up until the Iranian Revolution was an aberration. It was simply that Muslims were too poor and divided and the West too strong and united for the dream of the Caliphate to be advanced.

But the advent of petroleum-fueled economies brought renewed wealth and power to the oil-rich Muslim nations. The West’s short-sighted support of the Arab Spring removed the chains that were keeping the barbaric hordes of Muhammad’s modern army at bay. And the rise of the Internet and increased ease of access to technology allowed would-be jihadists to unite and recruit, taking their war to all corners of the globe.

Muslims will continue to wage war against Western Civilization until one or the other is destroyed. That is just the truth of the matter. Germany had to be utterly defeated in World War II to defeat Nazism. We face a similar battle. Half-measures, moral equivalencies and hang-wringing will only help to facilitate our demise. Our enemies are focused, relentless and willing to die for their cause.

We will not stop the Muslim World’s march toward a global caliphate with Islamic sensitivity training, increased security at airports or subways, or an occasional drone strike. And we certainly will not win if we keep pretending as though Islam – true Islam, not some radical misinterpretation – is not at the heart of this evil threatening our way of life.