America's Three Possible Futures

America is on the path to one of three inevitable futures. Only one future offers a return to a free and prosperous America.  None of the paths is without trial and tribulation.

The first future is catastrophe followed by collapse and balkanization. Sadly, in many ways this seems to be the most likely scenario.  America is divided in ways far deeper than at any point in our history, including the Civil War period.  There is little, if anything its disparate groups can agree on.  We differ on economic philosophy, cultural values, and views on the role of government.  We can’t even agree on such fundamental things as the definition of marriage, when life begins or whether a man is really a man and a woman is really a woman.

Too many in places of leadership are actively working to widen these divides. We are constantly pitted against each other in terms of race, gender, religion, and income level.  The United States of America are no longer united.  We are not divided as the Blue and the Gray of old but rather the Red and the Blue – Progressive and Conservative, Democrat and Republican.  An ever-growing number of us hold allegiance to our faction above all else.  It is unity and a sense of common purpose that allows a society to persevere through a crisis.  We have no such unity and without it America cannot survive the catastrophe that looms on its horizon.

Make no mistake, a catastrophe is coming. Our open borders, the insane importation of Muslim “refugees”, our implicit consent to Iran’s nuclear program, and ISIS’s quest for weapons of mass destruction create a recipe for disaster.

But that’s just one looming crisis. Our economic situation is just as dire.  Our national debt is unsustainable.  We are using a “smoke and mirrors” version of monetary policy to keep our economy afloat.  The dollar is on the brink of losing its Reserve status.  A Saudi-led strategy by OPEC has bottom-out oil prices and threatens to collapse our once-burgeoning domestic energy market – one of the few segments that has been fueling our stagnant economy.  All signs point to a massive economic reset in the not-too-distant future and the Fed has no tricks left in its bag to soften the blow.

Whatever form the catastrophe takes, America as we know it will not exist after it. With nothing left to unite us, we will divide.  We will become a horrific mix of the French Revolution, the 1990’s Balkan war, and our own Civil War rolled into one.  The poor will rise up against the rich.  The Red states will separate from the Blue States.  Ethnic groups will carve out their own territories in cities and states.  An ISIS-inspired caliphate will rise up in our midst thanks to all the Muslims we’ve embraced with open arms.  Cities will burn.  People will starve.  For those who survive, their way of life as they have known it will come to an end.  Such is the first possible future for America.

The second future is a Progressive Police State. Progressives like to portray themselves as open-minded and tolerant, but in the end they are the most intolerant people of all.  They aspire to absolute power because they believe that only they know how to manage the affairs of everyone else.  They cannot and will not suffer any opposition that stands in the way of their grand plan for society.  They’ve created numerous government agencies to control the behavior of citizens and now they are in the process of arming these agencies to the hilt.   They are Federalizing and militarizing local police forces and stoking an adversarial relationship between the citizens and law enforcement officials.

All that is needed is a major crisis to use as the pretext for marital law. Once in place, the Progressive Police State will not relinquish power unless forced to through revolution.  As I mentioned earlier, a crisis is coming and one can’t help but wonder if many of the conditions that are creating it have been intentionally put in place to one-day justify an unprecedented power-grab.

The third possible future is the most optimistic one. It requires Americans to renounce the suicidal policies that have brought us to the brink of disaster.  In this future Americans elect true conservatives to office.  They rise up and fight to win the culture war.  They embrace the Convention of the States movement to put in place permanent safeguards for liberty.  Most importantly, they turn back to God.

Even now it might be too late to avert catastrophe even under this optimistic scenario. It could be we’ve fallen too far.  But should disaster come, our only hope of weathering the storm and emerging on the other side as a free and unified nation is if we take the necessary steps now to reclaim our country.

There are decisions on the immediate horizon that will determine which future we will have. If we fail to nominate and elect a true conservative we will face a future of either anarchy or martial law.  It may sound like hyperbole, but that is how dire our situation is.  We’ve run out of runway.  At the end is the brick wall of economic collapse.  On either side are pits filled with terrorism, civil unrest, and war.  Only if we pull ourselves up immediately can we avert disaster.  The time is now.  If we fail to act we will have only ourselves to blame for the dark future that awaits us.