Abortion: A Choice Between Humanity and Inhumanity

The unfolding Planned Parenthood scandal puts a long overdue spotlight on an industry that has been profiting from the deaths of millions of unborn human beings. Unlike abortion proponents who attempt to mask their atrocity with terms like fetus and fetal tissue, I rightly refer to the victims as fellow humans, worthy of all the rights that would have been afforded them had they survived just a few months longer.

Think about that. A human being in a mother’s womb is fair game to be murdered and sold for parts. If allowed to live for just a few more months that human being would be held in his or her mother’s arms and viewed as something to be protected at all costs. That’s how much difference time and proximity to a womb make.

The abortion rights advocates’ argument over the lack of humanity of the unborn child no longer holds any weight in light of the terminology used by the very people representing the abortion industry. You cannot discuss selling human body parts and then claim that they do not come from a human being.

And you cannot distinguish between levels of humanity. Someone is either a human being or they are not. One is not “almost” or “not quite” human. A human is defined by his/her DNA, not by whether they are in or out of a woman’s womb. It is an unavoidable fact of nature that at some point in time all humans have to spend part of their existence in a woman’s womb. The future of a human being should not be subject to a choice made by another person as to whether or not he/she can be allowed to reach a point of survival outside of the womb.

We act as though any choice a woman makes in regard to reproduction cannot in anyway be questioned. Yet if a woman chooses to carry the baby to term and give birth, there are certain societal expectations a woman must follow. There are specific responsibilities the woman has for that child the moment he/she exits her womb. We as a society expect a woman to feed and clothe her baby. Society does not give a woman the freedom of choice to act in a manner contrary to these expectations. Should a woman do so, authorities will take the child from her and place the child in a home where it can receive what it needs to thrive.

Somehow, we are told that we can place no similar responsibilities on a woman while this same human being is inside her womb. It wasn’t always this way. Pregnant women used to be expected to conduct themselves in a way so as to maximize the safe development of the unborn child. Even today there are still advertisements warning women not to drink alcohol or smoke so as to protect the health of the unborn child.

We cannot continue to live in a schizophrenic world where some women call what is inside their womb a baby that they will do everything they can to safely bring to term and others call it merely fetal tissue that they plan to have removed at the first opportunity so as not to cause them any further inconvenience. In the year 2015 we can no longer pretend that we do not know what is taking place inside a woman’s womb. We cannot pretend that those cells growing inside are hers. They are not. They belong to a unique, newly formed human being with its own genetic code.

A woman has the right to control any part of her body that has her own DNA. She does not have the right to call another genetically unique being part of her body and do with it as she pleases. That nature requires this being to reside inside her body for a time is simply an unavoidable fact of life. It’s not some plot devised by men to subjugate women. It’s time we all grew up and accepted the facts regarding human biology and stopped pretending that a woman’s womb is a mystical realm that might or might not contain human life.

Abortion advocates will argue that to compel a woman to bring a child to term is a form of oppression. I would argue that a greater form of oppression is to deny life to a human being. But continuing with the pro-abortion argument, I find it absurd that the same people who often advocate for an ever-more intrusive government want unlimited freedom where abortion is concerned. A woman is not free to engage in prostitution where the law forbids it. She is not free to drive as fast as she wants on the highway (she isn’t even free to choose not to wear a seatbelt while she’s doing it in most states). If a society can tell a woman that she cannot drink alcohol until she is twenty one or refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding, society can tell a woman that once pregnant, she needs to do everything in her power to carry the human being inside her safely to term.

The choice that women have is whether or not to engage in the activity that will render them pregnant. They can choose to use birth control. Don’t speak to me of rape and incest as if there are epidemics of both raging across the country. Wherever rape occurs it is a tragedy. But we cannot go down the slippery slope when defining humanity. A human being is either a human being in all cases or in no cases at all. I know it sounds cold, but it is not as cold as the intellectual contortions that have led us to a point where government money is being used to fund an agency that sells the body parts of murdered babies. There is something to be said for intellectual consistency, even if it is painful at times.

And then there is the health of the mother argument. I find it odd that almost any woman would use herself as a human shield to save a child (one that isn’t even her own), yet the first impulse is to kill the unborn baby if there is a threat to a woman’s health. I’m not saying that a woman should be forced to give up her life to save an unborn child. This is a case where the woman must be allowed to make the choice. But once again, let’s not pretend that women are dying left and right giving birth. In the age of modern medicine this is a rare, but nonetheless tragic occurrence and certainly not one upon which to build an argument for abortion on demand.

The Planned Parenthood scandal marks a crossroads in American society. It is no longer possible to deny the reality of what abortion is. It is the taking of a human life, pure and simple. We now have the executioners on video haggling over the selling price of the remains. If America chooses to turn a blind eye to this atrocity we are a nation without a soul. If we have grown so callous and indifferent to the fate of the unborn among us, it is only a matter of time before other human life is devalued. If history serves as a guide, the elderly and severely disabled will be next. When a society is unable to define what a human is that society has reached the point of inhumanity. Once that happens the value of all human life is placed into question.


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