The Coming Police State

The end goal of every Progressive regime is a police state.  Progressives may never publically state that objective because it is so controversial, but it is the logical culmination of their policies and desires.  At the heart of Progressivism is the desire to use centralized planning to manage a society.  To put it in its simplest terms it is a small group of people telling everyone else what to do based on the belief that this small group somehow knows better than everyone else.

The challenge Progressives face is getting people to do what they want them to do.  First they take over the schools and the media to indoctrinate the population so as to “persuade” and “educate” people to get them to follow their prescribed course of action.  Next they infiltrate government regulatory agencies to enact regulations to guide and shape behavior.  But there are times when both of these steps fall short of bringing about the widespread change that Progressives feel is truly necessary.

Many people stubbornly refuse to be persuaded or re-educated.  There are not enough government inspectors to catch all those who choose to ignore the mountain of regulations the government churns out.  The Progressives feel they have a plan that would improve society if only everyone would buy into it.  But what do you do when people won’t be persuaded or when they choose to defy regulations?

You need a police state.  You need a militarized centralized police force with state of the art surveillance capabilities.  You need to be able to suppress dissent because dissent stands in the way of progress.  You need to be able to watch all people and places because you never know where the next threat to progress may come from.  You need to be able to make sure that people are following the rules – for their own good and the good of society.

But how do you bring about something that sounds like such an affront to the American belief in liberty?  You make people afraid.  In the end, the police state comes about not because it is forced on a population, but because the population demands it.

Why do we stand in lines at airports to be groped by TSA agents?  Because we are afraid of terrorists hijacking planes and flying them into buildings like they did on 9/11.

Why do we endure random police check points that check for drunk drivers?  Because we are afraid that a loved one could be killed by a drunk driver.

Why do we let the NSA collect all of our phone and Internet records?  Because we are afraid of a terrorist event like the Boston bombing.

What more will we accept in the name of fear?  The answer is a police state.

The Progressives are deftly navigating us down this road.  I’m not saying for one minute that anyone other than Islamic terrorists are responsible for 9/11 and all the other terror attacks.  But Progressives have used those events to bring us closer to a police state.  The policies put in place by Progressives of both parties reveal their intentions.  Almost every solution involves taking more liberty away from American citizens.  Almost every solution involves more surveillance and control.  And when you consider what is not being done, it makes their ambition all the more apparent.

They refuse to secure our border – causing us to live in the fear that terrorists or violent gang members will enter our country.

They refuse to profile those most likely to perpetrate terrorist attacks and instead treat every American from an infant in a stroller to a grandma in a wheelchair like a potential terrorist.

They refuse to properly enforce our VISA laws.  They grant asylum to people from countries that are known hotbeds of terrorism.

Beyond the terrorism issue there are other ways we are being led toward a police state.  The riots in Baltimore and Ferguson are forerunners to the chaos that Progressives will foment to bring about a police state.  On the one hand they paint the police as enemies of poor minority groups so as to goad these groups to rise up and bring chaos to cities.  On the other hand they create sympathy for the police among many people who might otherwise be wary of a police state.  Suddenly people who might have been concerned about police departments acquiring military equipment are now calling for the police to have whatever is necessary to protect themselves against violent mobs.  You see how it works?

Some on the Left have already started to call for Federal control of local police forces – a forerunner to a police state.  But it will be those in the Center and the Right who will ultimately call for the police state in the name of bringing law and order and protection from terrorists.  They will think of it as a temporary solution to stem the tide of chaos and danger.  The Progressives will see to it that it is made permanent.

We who love liberty must be very careful in the months ahead.  We must not be tricked into trading our freedom for safety.  We must not let the respect and honor we have for law enforcement be abused and twisted to the point where the police can do no wrong.  The Progressives would seek to transform the police from those whose job it is to protect and serve to those who compel and restrain.  When we end up with a police force that views every citizen as a potential criminal that must be watched and controlled instead of viewing them as fellow humans whose liberty must be respected and protected, the concept of a free society is placed in jeopardy.

America was not founded to be a place where everyone feels constantly watched by those in authority.  It was not meant to be a place of checkpoints, pat downs, and general warrants.  The Progressives claim to use such tactics to keep you safe.  But in the end the only thing you will fear is your own government.