The Road to Hell is Paved with Progressive Policies

We are all familiar with the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  We’ve been laying our magnificent well-intentioned road mile by mile for the past 100 years and we are nearing our destination.  Take a look around you and ask yourself if we are closer to the Utopia promised by the visionary Progressive social engineers or closer to the infamous realm of misery, debauchery, and decay.

At every turn the good intentions of Progressive policies have transformed our society into something closer to the nightmare born of the vain and failed dreams of men and further from the bright promises of God.  At the heart of Progressivism is pride – the very sin that is at the heart of man’s Fall and separation from God.  Progressives feel that they know better how to manage people’s lives than people do.  They feel that they must acquire power by any means necessary and maintain that power so as to save society from itself.  Above all else they feel it is their destiny to rule and control their fellow citizens.  They feel that they are somehow more enlightened than the average person.

Such people bristle at criticism.  They view their work as so important that all opposition must be discredited and silenced.  They rarely hold themselves to the same rules they create because they feel they can act responsibly without such constraints but no one else can be trusted to.

They will crush any tradition, claim any resource, and foment any crisis to advance their schemes.  They will abide lesser evils in the name of the greater good.  They will constrain freedom in the name of equality.  They will lie to promote a greater “truth”.

I would argue that most Progressive leaders have not had good intentions.  They are driven not by a true desire to better the plight of their fellow man, but instead out of a desire for power and control.  They cloak their ambition in causes that appeal to the good intentions of those whose support they need to gain power.

And what has all of this brought us?  The Progressive Income tax brought us a mechanism for the Progressives to fuel their power-hungry machine.  It also brought the IRS – an agency of intimidation and at times a tool to silence opposition.

Social Security was promoted as a well-intentioned plan to provide financial security to the elderly and the disabled.  What it did was begin the erosion of the extended family unit.  Prior to Social Security, it was expected that families would take care of their elderly and disabled members.  A primary benefit of this was that children learned about caring for others and also were exposed to the wisdom and traditions of their elders.  Having children so heavily influenced is problematic to Progressives when the “old way” of thinking needs to be replaced with new ideas.

Medicare and Medicaid were promoted with the good intention of providing medical care to the elderly and the poor.  These programs forever altered the cost structure of medical care in America, leading to a situation whereby the costs are now so inflated that the average citizen cannot pay out of pocket for basic medical care.  The severing of the free-market relationship between doctors and their patients has created a bureaucratic layer that Progressives have used to gain power and control over citizens.  It has set the stage for their end game of a government run health care system that would grant them complete control over the health care decisions of all doctors and patients (all for the greater good of course).

The Progressive Great Society program was promoted as the tool to end poverty.  What it did was destroy the family structure among poor families, ravaging minority communities in particular where poverty was high.  It created a class of political slaves who were (and still are) dependent on Progressive politicians for food, housing, and welfare income.

And now here we are 100 years into the great Progressive experiment – 100 years traveled on their road of good intentions.  Many of our cities are now on edge and in decay.  The poverty Progressive policies were supposed to solve still ranges in minority communities.  This combined with the divisive racial politics promoted by Progressive to gain and keep power have brought us to the brink of a racial crisis in this country – a crisis they will no doubt seek to exploit.

Our families lie in ruins.  The sexual revolution has wrought an obsession with sex – destroying marriages and redefining marriage itself.  We can no longer even define what men and women are.  Our children are left to navigate this emotional wasteland we’ve created – a journey that is leaving them increasingly disillusioned, detached, and trapped in a perpetual state of adolescence.  Many young people see in the failure of their families the failure of American traditions and values and look for something new upon which to build their futures.  The Progressives have no shortages of promises to offer them, as they deftly gloss over that fact that the world the youth seek to change is a world created by earlier Progressive false promises.

It is time for us to leave this road of good intentions and find our way back to the trail of faith.  We need to stop trusting in the schemes of would-be masterminds that assume the worst in people and stifle all freedom and ambition except their own.  We must trust in ourselves and trust in each other.  Above all us we must trust in God and the plan that he has for our lives.  No society of this world will ever be perfect, but we can make ours better if we stop listening to those who claim they can lead us to Utopia.