The Only Way to End Institutional Racism is to End the Democrat Party

The only way to end institutional racism in America is to banish the Democrat party and any future political entity Progressives might rebrand themselves as.  Contrary to what minorities have been brainwashed to believe, it is the Democrat Party – not the Republicans – who have a rich and enduring history of racism in America.

Democrats were the party of slavery.  They fought at every turn to maintain the bondage of African slaves as the law of the land.  So great was their passion for slavery that they were willing to forsake the Republic of America, setting the stage for the Civil War.  They did so because they feared the end of slavery would destroy the economy upon which their wealth was built.  That’s right – the Democrats of that age cared more about money than the lives of Blacks.

It was the Republicans led by Abraham Lincoln who fought against slavery.  Historians may debate the intentions of Lincoln and the Republicans and diminish the importance slavery held as a motivator for waging the war.  One thing is certain – the actions of the Republicans brought about the end of slavery in America.  All the actions of the Democrats at that time were to maintain the institution of slavery at any cost.

But Democrat racism did not die on the fields of Gettysburg or burn out in the flames of Atlanta.  The Reconstruction Era, led by Democrat President Andrew Johnson ushered in a new age of oppression for the newly freed slaves.  The Democrats brought us Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan.  That’s right – Democrats – not rich white Republicans.  This time they didn’t have an economic excuse to fall back on as justification for their actions.  It was pure hatred and bigotry on the part of Democrats that kept Blacks as second class citizens in the former slave states.  I’m not saying there weren’t racists among the Republicans, but it was Democrats who institutionalized racism in the post-Civil War South.

Democrats would cling to their racist hatred until the 1960’s.  It was then that Republicans in Congress rose up and help pass landmark Civil Rights legislation to end the Democrats’ reign of terror in the South.  Democrats wrongly get all the credit for ending the era of Jim Crow because Democrat Lyndon Johnson was the President who signed the bill.  What is forgotten by many is that Jim Crow could have ended years earlier if Johnson as a powerful Senator had not stood in the way of Civil Rights legislation that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was ready to sign into law if only it had made it to his desk.

While Johnson may have finally signed the Civil Rights bill, he and his fellow Democrats were not yet ready to allow Blacks to be free and equal citizens in America.  Johnson’s landmark “Great Society” program set the stage for a new era of Black enslavement.  Democrats used the power of welfare and bureaucracy to break up Black families by providing financial incentives that encouraged single-motherhood and discouraged marriage among the poor.  Blacks were herded into public housing projects in areas where there were few opportunities for gainful employment.  This set the stage for a cycle of poverty and dependency.

Idle, fatherless young Black men turned to crime, causing the percentage of Black males in prison to soar.  Fatherless Black women became sexually promiscuous, taking advantage of financial incentives to raise children without fathers.  Black children were sent to failing Democrat-controlled public schools where any hope of using an education to break free of the cycle of dependency was doomed.  The main objective of these schools was to teach hatred of rich white Republicans and to vote for Democrats, from whom all benefits flow.  This indoctrination has proven far more lasting and powerful than the sting of any overseer’s whip, as Blacks have been loyal (some might say “slavish”) voters for Democrats in absurdly high percentages since the inception of the Great Society.

The modern Democrat Party has perpetuated one of the most insidious crimes one group of humans can commit against another – to convince slaves that their oppressors are their saviors.  It is not rich white Republicans who are holding Blacks in poverty, denying them an education and opportunities.  Democrats stand in the way of every Republican initiative that would free Blacks from the chains of poverty just as Democrats stood in the way of Republican efforts to end slavery.

Blacks have gone from living on plantations and picking cotton for their old Democrat masters to living in public housing and marking next to the “D” on the ballot for their new Democrat masters.  In both cases the deplorable tactics used by Democrats have always been the same: tear apart Black families, keep Blacks uneducated, and employ methods to force Blacks to work for them.

How is the rich white Democrat congressmen who only needs to sit in his office and once every two years herd up his black voters that he keeps chained with government dependency and threats of what the evil white Republicans are going to do any different from the rich white Democrat slave master of old who sat in the parlor of his plantation while his black slaves worked his fields?  The only real difference is that the slave master had to feed his slaves using money from his own profits, while the Democrat congressman feeds his slaves using money he confiscates from taxpayers (many of whom are white Republicans).

If you look at the parts of the country where Blacks live in the worst conditions you will find that they have been controlled by Democrat politicians for generations.  If Democrats in Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore really wanted to help to improve the lives of Blacks, shouldn’t Blacks be living as well as whites in those cities by now?  Why after all these years of complete control and all the billions of tax dollars spent, are Blacks still suffering in Democrat-run cities?

The answer is that Democrats don’t care about the plight of Blacks.  They never have and they never will (I’m speaking of the party as a whole, not necessarily all individual Democrats).  They have always used Blacks to advance their own wealth and power and they always will.  They do not view Blacks as equals deserving of true liberty and justice.  They view Blacks as an inferior subclass to be manipulated and controlled as they see fit.

The history is there for all to see.  At every turn Democrats have subjugated Blacks – slavery, Jim Crow, a failed welfare state.  And at every turn Republicans have worked to free Blacks for the chains Democrats have placed on them: the Civil War, the Civil Rights Act, welfare reform, and school choice.  But unlike the Civil War when Blacks were aware of their condition and were eager to be freed, today’s Black population seems entirely ignorant of their bondage and they lash out at any who try to free them as they cling to their oppressors.

There is no Abraham Lincoln or Union army waiting in the wings to free Blacks from their slavery this time.  If Blacks truly want to live in a country devoid of institutional racism they must denounce the one institution that has kept racism alive since before the Civil War.  They must renounce their allegiance to the Democrat Party and join the fight to stop the Progressive policies that would seek to make all citizens slaves.