The Abuse of Compassion

Forces that want to destroy Christianity in America are abusing the Christian tenets of compassion and love for one’s neighbor so as to box Christians into an escalating series of moral dilemmas.  It is high time that we Christians recognize these insidious tactics for what they are and join together to effectively oppose them.

Our political landscape has become such that certain groups have used money and very vocal PR campaigns to turn fringe issues into major civil rights battles.  Progressive Politicians have embraced these fringe issues in order to amass political power and tear down the traditional conservative American culture with the goal of replacing it with their Progressive agenda.  Progressive Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated this war on traditional values quite plainly just over a week ago when she stated that religious beliefs must change – http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/04/27/hillary-religious-beliefs-must-change-sake-abortion.

I know that many Christians want to operate above the political debate and many Christian forums discourage talk of politics.  But Christians must understand how the political battles of today will shape the future of Christianity.  For every inch we are asked to compromise our principles in these contrived debates over compassion and equality, the forces that seek to destroy Christianity ultimately take a mile.

One of the best examples of this is the current debate over homosexuality.  The homosexual lifestyle is clearly identified as a sinful one in the Bible.  But Christians are rightly taught not to judge the sins of others for we all have sinned.  Homosexual advocacy groups started by using the compassion Christians are taught to have for their fellow sinners as a way to take the homosexual lifestyle out of the shadows and into mainstream society.  The compassionate Christian could disagree with the homosexual lifestyle but had to embrace the homosexual as a human being and fellow creature of God.  This is a perfectly legitimate stance and this is where the issue should have stopped.

But it didn’t stop there.  Homosexuals did not want their lifestyle viewed by anyone as abnormal or sinful.  They had to make it seem normal.  Christians could no longer speak of the sin of homosexuality without being branded as judgmental bigots.  The homosexual advocacy machine worked relentlessly in the media, the schools, and even the churches to brand any opposition to the homosexual lifestyle as a form of bigotry, backwardness, and against the Christian values of loving ones neighbor and judging not.

Quite a few Christians and several Christian denominations have caved to this PR campaign.  But this has not been enough for the homosexual advocacy groups.  The next step was to allow homosexual couples to raise children.  Again an appeal was made to our compassion.  We were asked what did it matter what the sexual preferences of parents were as long as they provided a loving home to children.  It’s all about love after all.  What kind of a monster would stand in the way of love?

And so Christians were told to put on a smile, don’t dare voice any opposition and act as though it is the most normal thing in the world for a child to be raised by two Dads or two Moms.  Many Christians have done just that.

But that still hasn’t been enough.  Now we are told that the institution of marriage must be redefined to include same-sex marriages.  Even though same-sex marriage has never existed in the history of civilization, we must now all act like this is perfectly normal and no one (especially Christians) should dare to question it.  It is all about love after all and aren’t Christians taught to love one another?

And so many Christians have accepted same-sex marriage.  But even that isn’t enough.  If you are a Christian in any way involved in the wedding industry you must provide your services to a gay wedding if asked.  You may not claim any right of conscience due to your Christian beliefs.  If you refuse, for the time being you will see your business ruined through either a vicious boycott campaign, government issued fines or lawsuits (and most likely it will be a combination of all of them).

I say for the time being, because this campaign will not end with the legal establishment of same-sex marriage.  Homosexuality will become an official civil right, with all the protections pursuant to that end.  As a civil right, it will trump any religious rights.  It will become illegal to call homosexuality a sin.  After all, no one would stand for it being said that being Black or Hispanic is a sin.

Any mention of homosexuality as sin will become classified as hate speech.  Pastors will be afforded no protection in this regard and Bibles will need to be reprinted to remove any mention of homosexuality as a sin.  After all, as Hillary Clinton said – our religious beliefs must change.

Abortion, euthanasia, and the transgender movement are other similar issues that seek to abuse the concepts of compassion and human rights in the name of destroying Christian values and transforming our society.  Each starts with a simple plea for compassion – the plight of the woman who is not ready to be a mother, the person with the terminal disease who is suffering in pain, and the individual who feels as though they are trapped in a body that doesn’t match their mind’s perception of their gender.  Each will run us through a gauntlet of increased intimidation and oppression until we are forced to change our beliefs.  The abortion movement has already killed millions of babies by turning their mothers and doctors into murderers.  Euthanasia will open a Pandora’s Box that will forever alter our view of medical treatment for the elderly and the severely disabled – leading to the death panels that politicians fiercely deny but will one day embrace for the “good” of society.  The transgender movement will not stop until we are a completely gender neutral society.  “Preconditioning” your child to be a boy or girl (i.e. buying your girl a doll or dressing your boy as Superman for Halloween) will be considered child abuse unless you can prove that your child truly identifies with that gender.  Parents that do not adequately provide avenues for their children to explore all gender options (and the exact number of genders varies depending on who you ask) will run the risk of having the State take their children away from them.

Does this sound far-fetched?  Did you ever think you would see the day when a Christian baker would lose his business for refusing to cater a lesbian wedding? http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/01/21/christian-bakery-guilty-violating-civil-rights-lesbian-couple/

Did you ever think you would see the day when abortion clinics would launch a PR campaign promoting an abortion as a “spa-like” experience? http://www.wnd.com/2015/03/spa-abortion-clinic-destigmatizes-procedure/

Did you ever think you would see the day when the concept of separate men’s and women’s bathrooms would be viewed as offensive? CA ‘Bathroom Brigade’ goes on the offensive against single-sex bathrooms – Liberty Unyielding

This is the world in which we now live and the transformation isn’t complete.   What further lengths will Christians be asked to go in the name of compassion?  Perhaps triad marriages between a combination of three men and/or women will be next (after all if the genders involved are no longer relevant, why should the number of people be).  Perhaps bestiality will become the next civil right – after all, who are we to judge?  How about making satanic cults mainstream?  If you think these things could never happen consider the world in which we now live.

Does all of this mean that Christians should stop loving their neighbors unconditionally?  Of course not.  But we can love people without condoning their actions.  We can fight for Christian principles without condemning those who fall short of them.  Christianity is a religion of second, third and fourth chances.  It is not a religion that believes anything is permissible in the name of loving one’s neighbor.  We forgive.  We do not hold peoples’ past sins against them.  We help each other to be better fellow human beings and better servants of God.  We do not do this by turning a blind eye to sin in the name of compassion.  We do it by standing up for God’s laws and trying our best to live by them.  We must not allow ourselves to be bullied, shamed or coerced into abandoning our principles.  If we do not take a stand now we could very well see the end of true Christianity in America.