It's Time to Put an End to Muslim Immigration

It is time to end all Muslim immigration into America.  While Islam itself cannot be banned in America because it is a protected religious right, we can certainly take steps to end the flow of more adherents to that poisonous ideology into our country.

Make no mistake – Islam is poison.  It is a poison that appears innocuous in small doses.  But as a nation ingests more of it, the malignant effects soon become apparent.  It attacks liberty on multiple fronts: freedom of religion, women’s rights, freedom of expression.  In large enough doses it is lethal to a free society.

We’ve already allowed a dangerous amount of this poison into America.  Do not speak to me of peaceful Muslims as ISIS kills and captures Christians by the thousands and jihadists kill innocent people in terrorist attacks around the world.  As I and many others have said before – Islam is not a religion of peace.  A peaceful Muslim is either a confused apostate or an actor biding his or her time to strike in the name of jihad.  I am not willing to take the chance that future Muslim immigrants are “peaceful” – are you?

If America must have more immigrants then let them come from other religious backgrounds and not from a religion that is currently slaughtering or oppressing people in multiple countries.  Every single nation that is ruled by Muslims is oppressive to one degree or another.  Will our society be better off by importing more people who believe in a religion that brings oppression everywhere in which its followers are the majority?

And make no mistake – the goal of Muslims is to become the majority wherever they are.  They do not immigrate and assimilate, they colonize.  There are of course exceptions – people of the Muslim faith who truly want to live the American dream – but they are nowhere close to the rule.  Western Europe is dotted with Muslim colonial outposts.  They have established their strongholds in England, France, and other European countries.  They reproduce at rates far greater than the native populations of their host countries.  They may well conquer Europe without having to fight a battle simply through immigration and reproduction.

Their goal is to conquer America too.  They already carry disproportionate political influence in relation to their population size.  Though Americans have every right to be wary of Muslims in light of events over the past 14 years, Muslims have achieved protected status in this country.  As their population grows, this disproportionate influence will continue to grow, all to the detriment of our free society.

I am not saying that all Muslims in America should be rounded up and put in camps or forced to leave this country.  If they are American citizens they should have all the rights and protections of any other American – including the right to practice their religion.  But we must face the realization that their religion could ultimately destroy liberty in our society if it gains enough power.  There is nothing we can do should current Americans embrace the Muslim faith in large enough numbers to make it the majority religion.  But we can certainly stop ushering in those who would bring about an inevitable death of liberty in America.