Five Questions Related to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Now that we are being told that a framework for a deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program has been reached, one can’t help but wonder what President Obama is prepared to do should certain events related to Iran unfold.  Here are some questions I would ask:

  1. What will be done the first time Iran is caught concealing aspects of its nuclear program from inspectors? The response cannot be dithering over a new escalating sanctions regime. Any subversion of the inspection process would be a clear indicator that Iran is not dealing in good faith and has only been buying time to develop its nuclear weapons program.  All thinking people already know this to be true.  Being caught hiding something at this point in the game would have to be the last straw.
  2. What happens if President Rouhani loses the next election to a radical Islamist like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Much of the faith we are being told to place in this agreement comes from the fact that Iran has allegedly moderated and proof of that moderation we were told was the election of Rouhani as president of Iran. Rouhani’s immediate predecessor was a man who denied the Holocaust and wanted to trigger a war to bring back the 12th Imam and herald in the apocalypse.  If a man with these kinds of beliefs regains the presidency of Iran, are we supposed to trust that he will not seek to develop nuclear weapons?
  3. What happens if Israel, having grown weary of living under the perpetual “Death to Israel” taunts of a nuclear aspiring, terror-sponsoring Iran decides to act unilaterally to destroy Iran’s nuclear program?
  4. What happens if the conflict in Yemen escalates into an all-out war between Iran and Saudi Arabia?
  5. What happens if Saudi Arabia and other nations in the Middle East decide that they too want to develop nuclear technology?

All of these questions lead back to a much bigger question – Why would we ever want Iran to have nuclear technology?  We all know deep down inside they are just buying time hoping to hide key aspects of their weaponization program from whatever inspection regime we manage to get them to agree to.  We all know that the very same Mullahs who encourage chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” actually control Iran and only orchestrated the ascension of a “moderate” like Rouhani just to dupe Western diplomats into thinking that Iran was a reasonable partner with whom to negotiate.

We know that Iran despises the very notion of a Jewish state in the Middle East and has vowed to obliterate it.  Just last weekend Iran’s Army Day parade featured a truck with “Death to Israel” painted on the sides.

We know that Iran is seeking to make Yemen its next proxy state and aspires to destabilize Saudi Arabia and ultimately control the entire Persian Gulf region.  We know that nations in the region with the financial means will not sit by and let Iran intimidate them with the specter of nuclear weapons.  They will develop programs of their own and they will not share the West’s wishful thinking and trust that Iran is only developing nuclear power.  These nations will seek nuclear weapons, not nuclear power because they know what we all know deep down inside – Iran is developing nuclear weapons.  All this makes the proposed Iran deal not a framework for peace but a blueprint for a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region of the world.