Why Should God Bless America?

There were 1.05 million abortions in America in 2011.  There have been more than 55 million since the Roe v. Wade decision.  Several states have approved of Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court is likely to make it the law of the land.  When the state of Indiana recently attempted to enact legislation to protect religious liberty, Americans from all corners of the country voiced their outrage and threatened to boycott the state.

Does this sound like a nation that God would bless?

We are falling all over ourselves to embrace the growth of Muslim culture in America – a religion that preaches hatred toward God’s chosen people the Jews and is currently slaughtering the Christian followers of his son Jesus.

Does this sound like a nation that God would bless?

When we are not busy surrendering to the Muslim agenda, we are backing down to accommodate the goals of atheists, who want to remove any trace of God from our public lives.

Does this sound like a nation that God would bless?

I am sick and tired of hearing politicians throw out the phrase “God Bless America” at the conclusion of their speeches.  Either start governing like you really are concerned about what God thinks about the current state of America or don’t ever mention God again or pretend you are acting on behalf of those who do worship him.

I would ask Governor Mike Pence and Speaker Brian Bosma whether they were more concerned about what God thought about the state of Indiana or what Angie’s List, Apple, and the LGBT community thought of Indiana.  Based on the breakneck speed at which they backtracked from their supposed principled stand in defense of religious liberty, I think we know whose opinion they feared more.  I’m sure God is very eager to bless a state that has now made it very clear that Christian florists, bakers, and photographers absolutely must provide services to a ceremony that celebrates an act he has condemned as sin.

The only god politicians worship these days is the god of power.  They are principled only to the extent that their principles cost them no political capital. But these are the men and women we continue to select as our representatives.  So what does that say about us?  Do we care what God thinks about the state of America?

We care far too much about being politically correct and non-confrontational.  The anti-God cabal wraps itself in a perverse cloak of moral superiority.  If you are against the sin of homosexuality you are a bigoted homophobe.  If you are against abortion you are against a women’s right to choose what to do with her body.  If you believe in Creationism you are backwards thinking and anti-science.

The principals that govern this nation should not come down to who has a flashier marketing campaign or who can whip the largest mob into the most boisterous frenzy.  But sadly, that is where we are today.

For those politicians who truly are Christians, I would implore you not to fall for the false “Separation of Church and State” argument.  The Founders never intended for the nation’s leaders to check their religious beliefs at the door to Congress.  Thomas Jefferson attended church services inside the Capitol Building.  Their intent was that there should never be an official Church of America like there was a Church of England – a church that grows oppressive because it uses government to compel belief among its citizens and crushes dissent.  If this sounds familiar it is because this is what we now have in America.  Secular Humanism has become the religion of the Church of America and more and more the government is compelling citizens to abide by its doctrine.  And it is crushing any dissent.

It is time for Christian politicians to look in the mirror and ask themselves which god they serve.  Do you serve the Judeo-Christian God or the gods of Secular Humanism (which aren’t really gods but rather the shifting moralities of whatever groups that can band together with enough money, power, and energy to influence political races)?  It is also time for all Christian citizens to ask the same question of themselves.  Do you vote for politicians you know you can’t trust to support Christian beliefs because they are good on other issues you care about?  Are you willing to give a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Republican a pass because he or she supports lower taxes and strong national defense?  What do you suppose God thinks about such priorities?

Our nation is trending in a very dangerous direction.  We have the hubris of Babel, the perversion of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the stubborn forgetfulness of ancient Israel.  History did not play out well for any of those cultures.  America has enjoyed great prosperity because Americans have sincerely called for God’s blessing in the past.  But now too many of us are insincere or downright hostile when it comes to God.  For those who would still ask for God’s blessing, consider the following response from God – “Why should I?”