Iconic Progressive Presidents and World Wars

There is a disturbing pattern when it comes to iconic Progressive Presidents.  Woodrow Wilson presided over substantial changes to our system of government.  World War I occurred during his term.  Following the war he worked to shape the international order through the League of Nations.

Franklin Roosevelt presided over some of the most sweeping changes in the size and scope of our government.  World War II occurred during his term.  In the final years of his life he worked to create the United Nations, another Progressive attempt to shape the world order.

While Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” did much to advance the Progressive agenda and reshape American society into something that was anything but great, I do not put him in the same category as the true Progressive icons.  He was cut from a different cloth, with different personal motivations.  He presided over a failed war in Vietnam, although in a way it might be considered something of a success by Progressives in that opposition to it helped to ignite dramatic Progressive social changes in America.

That brings us to Barack Obama.  He is cut from the same cloth as Wilson and FDR.  Just like them, he has enacted an aggressive and transformative domestic agenda.  It also seems disturbingly likely that World War III could break out on his watch (indeed there are many indications that we are already in the early stages of it).  The aftermath of such a war would undoubtedly reshape the world order forever.

Many have been perplexed by how it is we have stumbled to the brink of World War III.  Some blame Obama’s ineptitude.  Some call him a secret Muslim plotting against American interests.  I prefer to blame his Progressivism.

Often “progress” involves tearing down something old to replace it with something new.  For example, to most of us Obamacare appears to be bungled mess and a complete failure.  But Obamacare was never intended to be a solution to a problem.  It was a mechanism to tear down something old (America’s private health care system) and replace it with something new (a Progressive single payer government-run system).

The apparent bungling we are seeing played out in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and beyond is not a foreign policy failure in the eyes of true Progressives.  It is setting the stage for a great demolition of the old world order so as to pave the way for something new.

World War I marked the end of centuries old empires and the notion of government by monarchy.  World War II marked the end (for the most part) of European territorial ambitions and rabid nationalism (Russia excluded).  Each World War brought about a tangible change in how nations governed themselves and interacted with each other.

To put it another way, step one was to break the hold of powerful empires and end the notion of the transfer of power through accident of birth, so as to create an opportunity for Progressives to seize that power.  Step two was to break the will of nations and drive them to seek protection and arbitration through Progressive-dominated regional and international bodies.  Step three will be to confer true and ultimate governing authority to a single Progressive controlled international body.

That brings us once again to Barack Obama.  He is the Progressive standard bearer who will lead us through the coming maelstrom and boldly plant the flag of World Government on the other side.  The UN, NATO, the EU – all are vehicles to bring us to the final goal.  Each is flawed in its own right – flawed just enough to leave those who care about such things wanting something more.  No international or regional body will be able to stop the coming war, despite the alleged best intentions with which they were established (indeed they might actually play a role in bringing it about).  In the aftermath the lamentation will be, “if only such organizations had been given more power”.  In the end such an organization will be given such power.

The goal of any post-World War III restructuring will be to bring an end to superpowers.  The call will be for a single global governing authority with regional sub-authorities.  It will be an international bureaucracy of the highest order.  And it will have true power.  It will be the ultimate Progressive goal and a nightmare for those who love liberty.

I am not saying that Progressives have deliberately planned and continue to plan out World Wars to advance their agenda.  I do however think that through both action and inaction Progressive Presidents and their international counterparts have pushed events along in such a way so as to foster the chaos they desired to bring about the change they deemed necessary.

Some will dismiss this as coincidence and merely a conspiracy theory.  But there is an eerie pattern to be found in history:

  1. An Iconic Progressive President
  2. A World War
  3. The establishment of a new international authority

This disturbing pattern has happened twice before.  There is abundant evidence to indicate that it is happening again as Progressive President Barack Obama presides over a world that is now on fire.  The question is what will the world look like after it is torn down once more?

As a footnote I will also add that Wilson and FDR both established internment camps during times of war.  Considering the unvarnished distain Barack Obama has displayed for both his perceived enemies and the Constitution, it does not seem beyond the realm of possibility that he would follow in the footsteps of his Progressive forefathers in this regard.