How Obama’s Hit Job on Israel Will Spin Out of Control

In the end, it may very likely be Israel who saves the world from the menace of a nuclear Iran.  They have played this role before.  They took it upon themselves to take out Iraq’s nuclear facility, saving the world from a nuclear-armed Saddam Hussein.  It is ironic that as President Obama looks to enact an international version of fundamental transformation in the Middle East, Israel could find itself facing the very same tactics America employed against Saddam Hussein.

The first tangible step in this coming hit job was when Obama’s Defense Department released details of Israel’s nuclear program.  They claim it was in response to a FOIA request.  A reasonable justification, perhaps.  But what is not reasonable is the fact that while details of the nuclear programs of other nations like France and Italy were redacted, Israel’s program was laid bare for the entire world to see.  This is particularly devious since up until now, Israel had never formally acknowledged its nuclear program.

Here is why this is important.  The next step will be for the enemies of Israel to decry the hypocrisy of Israel speaking out against Iran’s nuclear program when it has nuclear weapons of its own.  This line of thought will gain momentum.  Iran may even be so bold as to draw parallel conditions between how its program is monitored and how the world treats Israel’s program.  The Obama administration by all indications of its current behavior would seem inclined to agree to such terms.

This may start simply as a juvenile attempt by Obama to shame Israel for having the audacity to re-elect Netanyahu.  But once set in motion, this chain of events will gain a life of its own.  Russia’s Putin, ever the provocateur and eager to expand his influence in the region, will take up the argument and bring it home.  The focus will shift from Iran’s nuclear program to Israel’s.

Israel’s motives will be called into question.  A nation that has shown aggression in the region and has possession of nuclear weapons?  That cannot stand.  Israel will be called upon to give international inspectors access to its clandestine facilities.  The call will be for Israel to dismantle its nuclear weapons program under international supervision.  Should it refuse, it will face a series of escalating sanctions just like Saddam Hussein did.

In the end, it will give Russia and Israel’s enemies in the region a pretext to go to war with Israel, for Israel will never give up its nuclear weapons (students of the Bible will recognize this as the Magog coalition discussed in the book of Ezekiel).  Whether or not Russia and its Muslim coalition will have an international seal of approval to do so will come down to the UN Security Council.

Putin will accuse the UN of hypocrisy and declare it irrelevant should it not act toward Israel as it did toward Iraq.  The member states will need to choose between the future of the UN and the future of Israel.  For most the decision will not be hard.  The question will be will Obama stand for Israel when his game goes too far or will he simply direct US Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain?  With the man who was known as “Senator Present” at the helm, Israel could very well end up standing alone.