What Part of "Death to America" Doesn't President Obama Understand?

The supreme religious leader of Iran has once again called for “death to America”.  He is reiterating what has been the official line of the Iranian theocracy since the revolution in 1979.  Nothing has changed.

Apologists for Iran and the wishful thinkers in this administration have tried to convince themselves and us that the election of a “moderate” as the secular leader of Iran signals the dawn of a new and more reasonable age in the Islamic Republic.  They could not be more wrong.

Iran is a nation that has held Americans hostage (and still holds an American pastor in prison).  It is a nation that has and continues to sponsor terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.  We have reason to believe that actions they took in Iraq led to the deaths of America soldiers.  Their military as recently as a couple of weeks ago conducted a training exercise in which it bombed a replica of an American warship.  Their leaders have called for the flag of Islam to fly over the White House.  This is the nation that we thought was so bad that we actually took Saddam Hussein’s side against them during the Iran/Iraq war.

Aside from electing a supposed “moderate” what about Iran gives us any reason to view them as anything other than an enemy?  Are we to believe that the secular government will force reason upon the mullahs and transform Iran into some kind of ally of America?  This is the same secular government whose prior president (and possible next president), was a Holocaust denier, fellow “death to America” club member, and even believes in the apocalyptic prophesies related to the 12th Imam.

Yet here we are negotiating the terms of development of nuclear technology with a nation that is seething with hatred toward us, so much so that they couldn’t even muster the restraint to hide their feelings long enough to let President Obama push through a deal that will be favorable to their nuclear aspirations.  To put it plainly, a nation that has made it quite clear that it truly wants death to America, is on the path to acquiring the very weapon that could actually accomplish that.

And our President seems to be perfectly ok with keeping them on that path.  Sure, he’ll say that his proposed deal will slow them down and include safeguards to give us plenty of time to act should they do what every reasonable person knows they will ultimately do – which is weaponize their nuclear program.  I’m quite confident we’ll be able to use the same effective monitoring systems and quick responses that allowed us to stop North Korea from getting a nuclear weapon – oh wait, maybe that’s not the best example.  I guess we are to just cross our fingers and hope it works this time.  After all it’s not like another nation who wants to kill us is about to get a weapon capable of destroying entire American cities.  Except, that is exactly the situation we are in.

But maybe there really is no need to be concerned.  After all, North Korea hates us and has nuclear weapons and they haven’t used them against us – yet.  Sure, they haven’t quite mastered a delivery system to fire them at us, but that’s beside the point.  We just need to trust President Obama and not listen to those traitors in Congress who want to stand in the way of the ability of a nation who wants to bring death to America to find a more efficient and decisive way of bringing death.  We need to trust that Iran only wants nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons.  We need to trust that their satellite program is for peaceful purposes and not an attempt to develop long range missile technology that would enable them to strike targets in America.  We need to trust that when their leaders say “death to America” they’re just talking about the 1970’s band America and not our nation (ok, I’ll admit that one’s a bit of a stretch, but maybe they just really hate the song “Horse with No Name”).

But maybe – just maybe, they are trying to develop nuclear weapons and the long range missile technology that would enable them to bring “death to America” (the country, not the band).  If President Obama is as wrong about this as he was about people being able to keep their health insurance plans, we’ll need to make sure that Obamacare covers radiation sickness.