Immigration "Reform" is Democracy Turned Upside-Down

Immigration Reform is democracy upside-down.  Instead of citizens choosing their leaders, leaders are choosing new citizens.

Let’s just cut to the chase about what the immigration reform debate is all about.  It is not about a compassionate effort to bring people from “out of the shadows”.  It is not about national security.  It is about two facts.

Fact 1: The people running our government want to stay in office and they want to increase the size of government (i.e. increase their power).  The current electorate is growing increasingly hostile to incumbents and big government.  The solution devised by those in power is to change the makeup of the electorate.  Polls show that immigrants favor big government.  They are more likely to support incumbents who can and will use the power of their office to expand government services.  The fact that government agencies in charge of administering welfare programs have found it necessary to conduct business using the language of immigrants belies the claim that these new immigrants are merely coming here to take jobs that Americans won’t do and will become positive contributors to society.

The massive influx of new citizens resulting from proposed immigration reform efforts will neutralize the current Tea Party movement once and for all.  Big-government incumbents will no longer need to fear upstart conservatives or libertarians.  Establishment Republicans and Democrats will both benefit, provided they divert sufficient amounts of Federal dollars to programs benefiting these new citizens.

This is representative democracy turned on its head.  In our current system of government, the citizens have the right to choose who represents them and to vote out incumbents who no longer serve their interests.  Under the guise of immigration reform, our representatives are attempting to change the makeup of the citizenry to create an electorate that is more favorable to their perpetual reelection.  They are basically saying that the current citizenry threatens to stop them from carrying out their big government ambitions, so therefore rather than listen to the citizens they want to create enough new citizens who agree with their plans in order to overcome any opposition.  Such an effort is appalling and must be stopped at once.

Fact 2: Large businesses with strong lobbying power want cheap labor.  We are continuingly told that there are some jobs that Americans just won’t do.  The fact is there are some jobs Americans won’t do for a certain price.  I know that businesses need to make a profit.  But capitalism is not just about freeing businesses from regulations and other forms of government interference.  It is also about individuals being able to maximize their earning potential in the labor market.

When the government artificially inflates the labor market by creating new citizens that is not capitalism.  Americans have endured decades of suppressed wages because as Baby Boomers (both men and women) entered the work force the labor pool greatly increased.  Now as the Baby Boomers are retiring, the work force is shrinking and the bargaining power is shifting back to the workers.  That is free market capitalism.  Employers must pay more as labor grows scarcer and consumers should expect to pay more as prices necessarily rise.  And besides, a country that has record numbers of people withdrawing from the work force because they’ve given up hope of finding a job does not have a shortage of available workers.  Companies need to pay what the market demands and the government needs to stop subsidizing able-bodied citizens who choose not to work.  The solution certainly is not to fundamentally alter the composition of our citizenry just because major corporations and the Chamber of Commerce want to keep wages low.

As you can see from the two facts I listed above, immigration reform is a threat to both our republican form of government and our economic earning power as individuals.  There is nothing offered in the current debate that is in the best interests of current citizens.  The only benefit current citizens are being offered is improved security on the border, which is something that our tax dollars are already paying for and should already be carried out.  What we will get if reform passes is diminished political power, diminished earning power, and higher taxes to support all the new immigrants who will inevitably be offered government programs so as to secure their votes.  We must work together to stop this blatant hijacking of our republic.  If the reformers are successful, we may never again have the political power to stop the forces of big government – which is just what they have in mind.