Who Will Stand for the Constitution?

Our elected officials take an oath to faithfully uphold the Constitution.  Nowhere in that oath does it mention anything about promising to never shut down the government.  The oath does not include a promise to provide health care coverage to all or to give free contraceptives to women.  You might also be surprised to know that it does not include a promise to make sure the Department of Homeland Security is never shutdown or to provide a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

There is absolutely nothing more important for an elected official to do than protect and uphold the Constitution.  Absolutely nothing.  One is not permitted to circumvent the Constitution for some cause that promotes “the greater good”.  Nor is one permitted to turn a blind eye to violations of the Constitution in instances where taking a stand could be politically damaging.  One certainly is not allowed to violate the Constitution just because one’s donors or constituency groups want action.  One cannot violate the Constitution even if a majority of the voters are in favor of it.

There are some who think there are issues so pressing that the Constitution may at times need to be compromised so as to address urgent needs.  The Constitution may not be compromised to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, protect us from terrorism or to save even one life.  If this sounds cold, please remember that the men who fought to create this nation endured starvation, marched in freezing weather in worn out clothing, faced the terror of the British army, and many even gave up their lives.  They did this because they deemed that liberty is more important than comfort, safety, and even life.  It is the Constitution that protects our liberty.

The Constitution is the foundation upon which our government is built.  It is what defines the power given to our elected officials and more importantly, the limits of that power.  When elected officials refuse to abide by the limits of their power it places our liberty in jeopardy.  No matter how well-intentioned such a usurpation may be, it is a poison to our Republic.

Equally as dangerous to the health of our nation are those who are entrusted to protect our liberty but stand idly by as others undermine the Constitution.  A Congress that allows the President to seize legislative authority is a Congress that has failed its primary purpose: to protect the liberty of its citizens.  A Supreme Court that chooses to legislate from the bench is just as much of an anathema to liberty as a tyrannical executive.

Though there is a separation of powers, the Legislative branch was intended to have the most power.  It is where the power to create laws resides.  It has the power to raise money for the funding of government and to release it to the Executive branch for distribution.  It was made the most powerful because it is the most accountable to the people.  Representatives come from smaller population groups and originally, Senators were appointed by the State legislatures, the representatives of which are even more accountable to the people.

A President only has to come before the people once every 4 years to gain their approval.  Supreme Court Justices never directly face the voters.  Second-term Presidents and Supreme Court Justices present the greatest potential risks to liberty because they do not need to face the voting public.

But now we face a situation where the legislative branch is the least powerful branch of government.  Indeed, through its inaction in the face of encroachments on its power, it has made itself practically irrelevant.  Even in the face of a landslide victory that gave them control of both houses of Congress, the Republican leadership has shown no willingness to tangibly push back against the repeated power grabs made by this President.  One may suspect ulterior motives in their lethargy (as I do), but that makes their behavior all the worse.

And it leaves all citizens who fear for their liberty wondering what can be done to stop the destruction of our Constitutional system of government.  We are left with these options:

  1. If your Congressman or Senator is supporting the failed Republican leaders you must put them on notice that unless they immediately call for new leadership and vote in new leaders you will not only vote against them in the next primary (and yes, even the general election – no more lesser of two evils mentality) you will also actively campaign against them.
  2. If your Congressman or Senator has supported any effort that undermines the Constitution you must vote against them in the next primary (and general) election and actively campaign against them. The time for second chances is over. There are plenty of other liberty-loving people waiting in the wings to serve as your elected representative.
  3. Notify your Congressman that they must immediately call for the impeachment of President Obama and press leadership to begin the impeachment process or suffer the consequences detailed in the first two steps. Many have argued that this ruins the Republicans’ chances of winning in 2016.  There are larger issues at stake than one election.  We cannot let any President, regardless of party get away with the kind of lawless power grabs that President Obama has carried out.  A message must be sent.  There will not be enough votes in the Senate to remove him from office, but he will forever carry the stain of having been impeached and it will serve as a warning to future overly ambitious presidents.
  4. Become active in the Convention of the States movement. Congress will not fix itself, even if we manage to elect some true conservatives to office. There need to be systematic changes that can only be effectively instituted through a Convention of the States.  To learn more go to: http://www.conventionofstates.com/
  5. Resolve to follow through on the previous 4 steps. Getting mad and frustrated is not enough. Change can only happen if you take action and you encourage others to join you in the fight.  And make no mistake, this is a battle.  Progressives have been waging a war on our Constitution for over a hundred years and they have nearly achieved their goals.  If we don’t take a stand now our children will not live in a Constitutional Republic.  They will live under whatever form of tyranny the Progressives shape out of the ruins of our liberty.  Once a society loses its liberty, it rarely gets it back, and if it does, it comes at the highest of prices.