Are We Really Trying to Win the War on Terror?

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 our leaders have been telling us that they are doing everything possible to keep us safe.  We as citizens have endured some pretty significant infringements upon our liberty as part of our bargain for security – from humiliating searches at airports to the intrusions the NSA has made involving our phone, e-mail, and Internet records.  We have sacrificed the lives of many of our bravest men and women in our military and spent billions of dollars in extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And yet not long after 9/11 I began to have doubts about how sincere our leaders were about protecting us.  When George Bush named Iran and North Korea in his famous “Axis of Evil” speech I expected swift and decisive action against both countries.  Iran, after all, represents the heart of the Islamic ideology that fuels terrorism around the world.  Iran also represents the ultimate nightmare scenario – a radical Islamic nation on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons.

North Korea, while not an Islamic country, is an avowed enemy of the United States and one that has shown a willingness to supply weapons to Islamic nations.  Most disturbingly, North Korea is now capable of producing nuclear weapons.  It would not be at all surprising if North Korea were to partner with Islamic groups to fight a proxy war against the United States.

After correctly identifying the threats posed by both nations, the Bush Administration did nothing to eliminate those threats.  Today Iran is perhaps just months away from a nuclear weapon.  North Korea is acting in an increasingly belligerent manner as it continues to test and refine the long range missile technology that could one day rain nuclear bombs down on American territory.

What the Bush Administration chose to do was to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with rules of engagement so absurd that many brave American soldiers were unnecessarily killed and injured.  We were promised “shock and awe”.  What we got was a “hearts and minds” campaign that only served to make America look weak and beatable in the eyes of our enemies.

On the home front, even as Americans were being asked to sacrifice more of their liberty in the name of security, the Bush Administration showed a disturbing trend of embracing Muslims and elevating them in positions within our government.  In order to not appear guilty of racial profiling, we wound up with absurd situations where grandmas in wheelchairs and young children were given more extensive body searches than Muslim men in full Islamic garb.

I’d like to make one point about Islam here.  Islam is not a religion of peace, as we’ve all been told endlessly since 9/11.  Islam is an uncompromising religion that demands either conversion, subservience, or death.  Mohammed was as much a military leader as he was a religious one.  The terrorists are not perverting Islam.  They are the true believers.  It is those who tell us of the peace of Islam who are the apostates.

There is no Muslim nation on earth that we would call free.  Whenever Muslims are in the majority there is repression of religious minorities, the treatment of women as second class citizens and the property of men, and severe limits on freedom of expression.

Islam is not compatible with American values.  To pretend otherwise is to increase the danger facing our country in these perilous times, for this is not a war fought with guns and bombs alone.  There is jihad through immigration and reproduction being waged in Europe right now.  Nations like France and Great Britain, with their low birth rates among natives, are only a generation or two away from being Muslim nations.  Already some variation of the name Mohammed is the most popular name among newborn males in Britain.

This same form of jihad is in its early stages in America.  But there is a different form of jihad that has been waged in America.  It is a jihad of financial influence and public relations.  The wealthy oil producing nations of the Muslim world, while appearing to be benign allies of America, have been pouring money into our political system and media outlets bringing Muslims the status as a protected minority in this country.  They have achieved great success in this area.  Only weeks after the horror of 9/11 we seemed far too preoccupied with making sure that Muslims were not targets of discrimination when we should have been giving a skeptical eye to every Muslim in this country – particularly since the act was carried out not by members of a standing army, but instead by men who had sought to blend in to our open society by pretending to be students.

I’m sorry if I sound like a bigot, but let’s be honest.  A week before the 9/11 attacks, Muslim activist groups would have had us believe the hijackers were just young men who had come to America seeking an education and vilified anyone who dared to point out anything suspicious about their activities.  These groups take advantage of our system of political correctness to gain power and influence so as to defeat us from within.

Returning to the actions (or inactions) of our leaders, the Obama Administration has proven to be even more questionable in its policies than its predecessor was.  Obama squandered any gains made in Iraq and Afghanistan through policies that were an unfortunate mix of naiveté, petulance, and stubbornness.

In Iraq, Obama didn’t like the Iraqi leadership so he failed to reach an agreement that would have maintained a sufficient American military influence to protect the hard-fought gains in that country.  The result was that we completely pulled out and now a few years later, one of the most vicious Islamic groups in the world has claimed most of northern Iraq and threatens to topple Baghdad.

In Afghanistan, Obama has telegraphed our exit strategy and thereby made it only a matter of time before that nation once again completely falls into the hands of the same radical group we spent so much blood and treasure trying to defeat.

Then there is the Arab Spring.  The idea of dictatorships being toppled in the name of democracy sounds like a valid American policy.  However, our support of this movement was naïve and short-sighted.  Libya has become a failed state controlled by the very radical groups that represent our greatest threat – having already killed an American ambassador in the infamous Benghazi attack.

Egypt briefly fell into the hands of the Islamic group the Muslim Brotherhood (who Director of National Intelligence James Clapper absurdly referred to as a secular group despite the word “Muslim” in its title – yet another reason to worry about the competency of our leaders).  Fortunately, the Egyptian military has taken control of the country for now and has actively worked to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in Egypt.  However, in the process, we have lost an important ally in the region, as Egypt, having lost trust in America, is now turning to Russia (another emerging enemy of America) for support.  Damaged relations with Egypt and a growing Russian influence in the nation that controls the Suez Canal is detrimental to American security.

Then there is Syria, which the Obama administration first hoped would be another domino in the Arab Spring before realizing that the alternative was an unsavory coalition of radical groups.  Obama’s dithering on this issue helped ISIS gain a stronghold in Syria from which they launched their largely successful campaign into northern Iraq.  Now we are being told that ISIS is the greatest threat to America since 9/11.

Even as we are being told about this growing danger, the Obama Administration has turned a blind eye to the chaos on our southern boarder (in fact there is ample evidence to suggest that they have created and continue to perpetuate the situation).  People are pouring into our country and no one is stopping it.  If a twelve year old from Guatemala can find his way across our boarder, how hard do you think it would be for a trained ISIS terrorist to do so?

So to sum up, let’s review the actions of the past two administrations:

  1. They have done nothing to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons or stop North Korea from developing long range missiles for its nuclear weapons.
  2. They have destabilized nations in the Middle East, replacing dictators who had at least kept radical groups in check with chaos that has allowed radical groups to flourish.
  3. They have given Muslims protected minority status in this country, making it difficult to question the motives and suspicious actions of Muslims without facing charges of profiling.
  4. They have elevated Muslims to positions of authority in our government, increasing our risk of an attack from within.
  5. They have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigration or secure our borders. Now we are faced with complete chaos on our southern border with no end in sight. They haven’t even managed to stop the abuses of our student visa program, which the 9/11 terrorists used to stay in our country to plan and carry out their attacks.

Would you say that the leaders responsible for these actions and cases of inaction are concerned with protecting America?  They seem like the exact opposite of what you would do if you wanted to keep America safe from terrorists.  One could say our policies have accomplished the following:

  1. Created more safe harbors for terrorists to plan and train.
  2. Enabled terrorists to acquire more territory and resources with which to fund their missions.
  3. Provided an open border with Mexico through which terrorists can get into America undetected.
  4. Created a climate of political correctness in America that diminishes the scrutiny of potential terrorists as they maneuver in our country.

In short, everything our leaders have done has made an attack more likely, not less likely.  Which begs the question, why are we doing what we are doing?  Are our leaders completely inept?  Have they been bought off by Muslim oil money or intimidated by Muslim advocacy groups?  Do they want America to be attacked so that they can use the chaos as an excuse to fundamentally transform our country into one that has even less liberty and more authoritarian control?

Whatever the reason is, something has gone very wrong and it needs to be corrected right away.  If we continue down this path the tragedy of 9/11 will look minor compared to the devastation that is awaiting this country.  It is time for us to hold our leaders to account for their failed policies before it is too late.