Islam is not a Religion of Peace

The tragedy in France is another sad chapter in the West’s failure to come to terms with the true threat of Islam.  Even as one of the pillars of liberal philosophy – freedom of speech – is viciously assaulted by dogmatic religious ideologues – many liberals continue to look for blame in the actions of the victims while desperately trying to empathize with the perpetrators.  The primary concern among some circles in the wake of this latest act of terror appears to be a fear that innocent Muslims will become the victims of retaliation.  Turning an eye that they have long blinded to the threat of Islam, these apologists instead focus their gaze on visions of right wing thugs storming the Muslim neighborhoods of European cities.  Sadly, too many in key leadership positions hold this view.

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 we have been fed the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.  Islam is not a religion of peace.  In addition to being a “prophet”, Muhammad also led military campaigns to expand the power of the religion he created.  Not a single soul died by the hand or spoken word of Jesus Christ.  The same cannot be said of Muhammad.

Many will point to the Christian Crusades and the Inquisition to draw a moral equivalency between Christianity and Islam.  They will say both have done their share of good and evil.  The primary difference between the two is that the Crusades and the Inquisition were perversions of the teachings of Christ.  One cannot read the Gospels and find any endorsement of those actions.  One can however look to the life of Muhammad and read his teachings and find a direct influence on the acts of terror we now see carried out in the name of Islam.  Violent Christians are apostates to the faith.  Those Muslims who pick and choose the “peaceful” aspects of Islam and ignore the teachings of jihad are apostates to Islam.  In short, the true spirit of Islam is embodied by those we call terrorists and not by those who claim to be peaceful Muslims.  Anyone who claims differently is ignorant of the manner by which Islam was established and spread during the life of its founder Muhammad.

The nations of the West have been far too quick to embrace Muslim culture.  Look to the sharia-ruled nations of the Middle East and tell me if a single one has values that are compatible with those of Western nations.  Show me an Islamic society where women have true freedom.  Show me an Islamic society where people of other faiths can worship openly without fear of imprisonment or even death.

And yet we are allowing these outposts of repression to take root in our cities.  France had been a victim of jihad long before a single shot was ever fired.  The act of Muslims settling in foreign countries and having as many children as possible is not immigration as we know it.  It is a purposeful tactic to spread the influence of Islam.

Oh how we in the West like to celebrate our diversity.  It makes us feel good to have a Muslim family down the street from us.  Then one Muslim family turns into 10 and then 100.  Soon a mosque is erected where a church used to be.  Soon the community isolates itself and starts to talk of imposing sharia law.  Soon the imam of the mosque starts to talk about infidels and jihad.  Soon the mosque turns out violent young men who feel that dying in the name of Islam is the highest calling.  Soon they leave their community and wage acts of terror against those in surrounding communities who dare to blaspheme the prophet.

I know I must sound like a rabid xenophobe and bigot to some of you at this point.  I am not sorry if I have offended you.  You need to hear the truth and accept it for your own good and for the good of your children.  The current politically correct response to Islamists is nothing more than suicide.  Death may come tomorrow from an explosion on a subway or it may come 20 years from now when you find yourself as a targeted minority in the newly created Islamic Republic of France, Britain, or America.

The spread of militant Islam is a grave threat to the future of Western Civilization.  We must confront this threat with the full force of our power and resolve.  We must cease our talk of “smart power” and “nation building”.  We must stop trying to find blame in ourselves for the atrocities committed by terrorists.  We must stop branding attacks by our enemy as “workplace violence” or “lone wolf acts”.  We must stop viewing Islamic terrorists as rogue elements and start viewing them as the frontline soldiers in a wider war being waged by the entire Islamic world to enact a global caliphate through a multi-pronged strategy of violence, propaganda, purchasing political power, and changing demographics through immigration and reproduction.  We must act now while we still have the power to win.  If we continue our half-measures and willful blindness we will find ourselves in a world dominated by sharia law – where there is no freedom, only submission or death.

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