Could 2015 be the Most Dangerous Year Since WWII?

The year 2015 could prove to be the most dangerous year facing the world since World War II.  Many conditions exist today that bear an eerie resemblance to the eve of that terrible chapter in human history.

Russia is ironically now playing the role of Germany.  Vladimir Putin is following the Hitler playbook of expanding his nation’s influence and boundaries by claiming to be coming to the aid of oppressed populations of Russian descent.  Crimea and eastern Ukraine are playing the role of the Sudetenland.  All that is left is for [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ] to come forward and fill his inevitable role as a modern Neville Chamberlain and negotiate a sham treaty to settle the dispute while declaring “peace for our time”.

Iran is in the role of Mussolini’s Italy – a junior power aligned with Russia.  Both nations have a rich history of anti-Semitism (Iran much more vocally these days), which will only get worse as Russia will inevitably blame Jewish money-changers in the West for the sanctions that are crippling its economy.  I believe the trigger point for World War III will come when Russia comes to Iran’s aid after Israel launches airstrikes in an attempt to stop Iran’s nuclear program, possibly as early as this summer (if not sooner).  Russia will take the case to the UN and accuse Israel of an international crime and also of hypocritically maintaining its own “secret” nuclear program.  Russia will demand that Israel dismantle its nuclear program or face sanctions and eventual forced disarmament (along the lines of what the United States demanded of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq).

At this point the conflict will escalate into all-out war as the United States will see the Russian gambit for what it is – a shameless attempt to start a regional war in the Middle East to disrupt the oil supply and drive up prices (so as to rescue the Russian economy).  The U.S. (despite Obama’s currently tepid relationship with the Jewish State) will side with Israel.  In this scenario America will be playing the role of Britain during World War II – a dying empire rising to one final moment of glory to help save the free world.

The new Axis powers will find their final member in China, who will assume the role of Imperial Japan.  Much like the Japan of World War II, China is an emerging power in the Far East with ambitions of establishing an empire.  Russia, China and Iran have already been working to strengthen their ties both economically and militarily.  The three nations would have much to gain by carving up the oil-rich Middle East among themselves.

The question remains who will play the role of America in the coming conflict?  Though it seems hard to believe, the European Union will rise to the occasion.  Much like America woke up from its isolationist slumber to turn the tide in World War II, the united nations of Europe will wake up from their long spell of passivity to confront the Russian-led power grab.  The European Union will emerge from the conflict much the way America did – as a rising economic and military power, while America’s power will continue to wane in the wake of its last great adventure.

It is true that history often repeats itself – especially when you fail to learn from it.  We have failed to remember the two great lessons of World War II.  The first lesson is to never appease tyrants.  We failed that lesson when we allowed Putin to first act with impunity in the nation of Georgia in 2008 and later as he claimed Crimea last year.  The second lesson was to never forget the atrocities committed against the Jews during the Holocaust.  We have failed that lesson by standing by as the rabidly anti-Semitic Mullahs of Iran race to develop nuclear weapons.  We must hope that if we must relive that dark chapter of history that we will emerge victorious once again.