A Tale of Two Tragedies

The tragedies in Ferguson, MO. and New York are being tied together as examples of systemic racism among local law enforcement across the country.  They are alike only in two regards – both saw a black man die at the hands of a white police officer and both are being exploited by the same boisterous gang of race peddlers who make their living perpetuating the notion that America remains a racist society.  The truth is, these events are very different and neither one of them has to do with racism.  In fact, they have everything to do with failed progressive policies.

Let us begin with Ferguson.  These are the facts.  Michael Brown assaulted a police officer and tried to reach for his gun.  He then tried to flee the scene.  When ordered to stop, he turned and charged the man he had just assaulted.  That kind of provocative action will get you killed no matter what color your skin is.

There is no racism here, just a sad tale of an out of control young man whose behavior put a police officer in a position where he felt he had to use deadly force to protect himself.  Of course there are some who continue to cling to the discredited accounts of alleged eye witnesses who tell a false tale of an innocent young man who was shot execution style while posed in a non-threatening position with his hands up.  The media recklessly circulated this false narrative in the early days of the tragedy and did a horrible job of clarifying the true facts of the case.

The truth is the race baiters like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and even President Obama himself were so eager to use this event as a platform to paint all law enforcement as racist that they didn’t care what the truth was.  They are in the midst of building a protest movement on a lie.

In New York we have a very different tale.  An over-aggressive police officer choked Eric Garner to death.  The man’s offense was violating an ordinance banning the black market sale of cigarettes and then failing to sufficiently cooperate with the arresting officer.  In my opinion, the officer is guilty of at least manslaughter and should have been held accountable for his actions.  The decision by the grand jury was a travesty.

But this case is not about racism either.  There is a growing level of militarization and aggression in local law enforcement.  If you do an internet search you will find no shortage of stories of police behaving in aggressive, special forces-type fashion, in some cases accidentally killing people of all races in the process.  This cop killed Eric Garner not because he was black, but because the cop had a Rambo-complex and decided to treat a petty crime as if it was an unfolding act of terrorism.  He would have just as quickly choked a white man in a similar situation.

And this brings us to the true cause of these tragic events and so many others like them that go underreported.  In the case of Ferguson, the progressive policies of Democrats have destroyed entire communities.  Fatherless, jobless, and hopeless men roam the streets of these failed neighborhoods.  Their idleness and frustration leads to crime and aggression.  The increase in criminal behavior leads to an increase in interactions with police.  The frequency of these interactions leads to tensions on both sides.  The citizens feel harassed by the police and the police grow ever more wary of the citizens.

The bottom line is that it is not a black/white issue.  It is an issue of poverty and dependency – two things that Democrats have been perpetuating to maintain and expand their powerbase.  Almost all the communities where these tragedies happen are ones where Democrats have been in control for generations.  They have no interest in solving the problems of poverty and racial tensions because they repeatedly use those issues to brand themselves as the perpetual champions of the oppressed, even though they are the true oppressors.

In the case of New York, we see the progressive policy of an ever expanding and more powerful government exerting its will on the citizenry.  Eric Garner was ultimately killed during the brutal enforcement of some ridiculous cigarette law.  Under the progressive regime, citizens are increasingly viewed not as human beings but as problems that need to be solved or objects that need to be organized or corrected.  Police are no longer trained to protect the liberty of the citizenry.  Instead they have become enforcers carrying out the dictates encoded in the countless rules and regulations conceived by bureaucrats none of us can name, but through whom our liberty is ever decreased.

Eric Garner’s killer thought that enforcing a regulation was more important that protecting a man’s life.  His actions are a window into a tyrannical future that awaits us.  The same government that has been choking off our liberty with its endless rules and regulations has now choked the life out of one us.  If we don’t reverse the oppressive trajectory of our government the day will come when none of us will be able to breathe.