Should We Be Concerned?

Should we be concerned? Consider the following headlines:

The rise of a formidable terrorist group that has vowed to strike in America.

Tens of thousands of people pouring across our southern border unchecked.

Ebola patients being brought back to America for treatment as our soldiers are sent to the Hot Zone to help, and now the first Ebola case in America.

A mystery respiratory virus spreading across the country.

Iran drawing closer to developing a nuclear weapon.

Millions of Baby Boomers retiring and transitioning to Social Security and Medicare even as the Federal Government is already trillions in debt.


All of the above headlines are disturbing for their own reasons. But if you consider for a moment that they all might be linked, the implications are horrifying.  It is my belief that they could indeed be linked, and the reason for it lies in the last of the headlines.

A day of reckoning is upon us. The largest generation in the history of America is about to go from tax-payers to recipients of government funded programs.  Our nation, which is already deeply in debt, is about to go completely bankrupt.  In short, we are not going to be able to make good on the promise to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits to the Baby Boomers.

Oh we will try to maintain the charade for as long as we can, continuing to print money and leveraging our national debt. But at some point very soon the game will be up.  At that point, the only way to fund the government will be to require confiscatory tax increases on all Americans (not just the rich).  When people find that they are being asked to pay 90% of their income to the government, they will either throw up their hands and quit working, thus joining the already bloated welfare state or they will revolt.  Either way, the system will collapse.

Thus a very cynical and diabolic solution – we need fewer people drawing Social Security and Medicare benefits. Let’s begin to look at how the headlines at the start of this article play in to this solution.

Everything hinges on the headline about our southern border. This is not just about immigration policy and the Democrats trying to forever change the demographics of our country in hopes of gaining perpetual power.  We have complete chaos on our border right now and it is allowing two things to happen: people with diseases are entering our country unchecked and terrorists are entering our country.

Let us address the terrorism angle first. ISIS has vowed to strike America.  If you were an ISIS terrorist there would be no better time to enter America than right now, when our border agents are overwhelmed and we are essentially taking all comers into our country with no questions asked.  Now look at the headline involving Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon.  We know Iran is a threat to America.  We know Iran is bent on developing nuclear weapons despite their farcical claims of only wanting nuclear energy.  We know that Iran uses terrorists to fight as proxies.

Why have we played this dangerous game with Iran? Why have we gotten to the point where a nuclear Iran is a fait accompli?  It doesn’t make any sense why the most powerful nation in the world would stand by while an avowed enemy develops the most powerful weapon known to man – a weapon capable of destroying entire cities.

It doesn’t make any sense unless maybe you want a city or two destroyed so as to cut down on the surplus population and then use the attack as pretext to instill martial law to control the rest of the population as you implement a new social and economic order – the ultimate reset button, if you will.

Think about it:

We are allowing a nation who is known to supply weapons to terrorists to develop a nuclear weapon.

We have been slow to act against ISIS, who has vowed to attack America.

We have failed to take any meaningful steps to stop the chaos on our southern border, which means we are continuing to keep a prime avenue open through which terrorists carrying Iranian made nuclear weapons could enter our country.

A terrorist detonates a nuclear bomb in New York City, millions of recipients of government benefits die, the banking system collapses, and the government creates a new financial system to solve its debt problems.

Let us now turn our attention to the disease angle.

During previous waves of immigration to this country, immigrants were required to go through health screenings to make sure citizens would not be exposed to any diseases they might be carrying. In this latest surge of illegal immigration, not only are we not screening these immigrants, we are putting them on planes and buses and moving them to all corners of this country.  Now we are seeing reports of a mysterious respiratory disease popping up all around the country.  Is this all just a coincidence?

Next is the deadly Ebola virus. First we undertook the risky process of bringing infected victims back to this country for treatment.  Now we are sending America soldiers to Ebola Hot Zones in Africa to help contain the virus.  Our soldiers are not trained to handle a situation like this.  Health officials have been mystified by this decision made by the Obama Administration.  The risk of them becoming infected is great and if we have to bring even more Ebola infected victims back to America, our risk of an Ebola outbreak in America continues to rise.

And now we have learned of the first Ebola case in America in Texas, a revelation that sadly is not entirely surprising considering our government’s mystifyingly lackadaisical approach to shielding Americans from harm. Why is that we have not restricted travel from those nations in the Ebola Hot Zone or at the very least employed strict quarantines for anyone arriving from that part of the world?  Are we afraid of inconveniencing someone?  Are we concerned about appearing unkind to Third World African countries?  Are those valid reasons to expose Americans to the potential of a deadly epidemic?  Just what are our priorities?

And beyond this there appear to be increasing stories of deadly viruses being misplaced at CDC labs and infected lab animals getting loose. It almost seems as if we want some kind of deadly outbreak to occur in America.  Why would we want that?

The people in government who have failed to make the hard choices to address our financial problems would want it as a means to bail out their failed policies. They would take every precaution to insulate themselves and their families from any such epidemic as the virus does the dirty work of killing off the old and the weak, thereby reducing the pool of recipients of government benefits.  An epidemic would also bring about the chaos they need to reset the financial order and lock themselves into permanent political power.

I know these are outrageous claims. It is difficult to imagine that our leaders might actually be plotting such horrible things.  But when you look at what is happening around us, our circumstances are very dire.  The conclusions we are left to draw are not good ones.  Either our leaders are so completely inept that they are leaving us extremely vulnerable to a terrorist attack or a deadly epidemic or they are intentionally setting the stage for those events with intent of averting what they feel could be an even greater calamity should our system maintain its present course on the road to eventual collapse.

It is hard to imagine a level of incompetence as great as the events around us are revealing. For me, at least, it is not quite as hard to imagine cynical politicians and powerbrokers devising the ultimate bailout to hold on to their power at all costs.  This is after all the nation that put Japanese Americans in internment camps and conducted the unethical Tuskegee syphilis experiment.  I would not put anything past this government, especially if its existence is threatened.  So yes, we should be concerned – very concerned.

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